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Investments That Fit Your Needs
Firstly, you can customize your order to fit your precious metal needs.


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Secondly, we have eliminated as much overhead as possible to pass along savings to you!


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Lastly, we make sure that your order gets directly to your home safely.

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Firstly, Patriot Gold Supply was created when its founder really started understanding the incoming catastrophe of the United States fiat currency. The dollar every day is worth less and less and is looking like the dollar will soon be worthless. He knew that protecting your hard earned money should not be difficult and he saw many people just trying to find out where to buy gold for sale online. In short, he believed that you should be able to go online, talk with a trusted source, and purchase gold straight from your home.

As a result of us being able to ship gold to each and every city, we service the entire United States. We have headquarters in and in Dallas, Texas and our partners have been servicing these great states since 2010. Since we kept seeing on the local level that every time you tried to find where to buy gold for sale online, you would only find a small hole in the wall. It was there where you only had a dozen or so options. Due to this, we set out to provide Patriots across the country with access to endless options no matter where you live.


Over the past 30 years…

We have helped new investors and experienced investors alike to purchase this currency, which we know as gold, as well as many other precious metals. If you are looking for very specific gold coins, certain silver bars, or even to add gold to your IRA, Patriot Gold Supply can help you. We have helped many people protect their retirement by incorporating gold into their IRA.

You can Buy and even sell gold very easily and quickly. Many people are afraid to invest into gold and silver because they do not understand just how easy and liquid this currency is. In addition to protecting you from inflation, it is also very convenient to use and easy to liquidate!



After you buy, we place a grace period in order so that, no matter the size of your order, your price will be held at the price when you requested to buy. If anything exceeds that 48 hour grace period, it will be up to re-adjustment. We highly encourage you contact Patriot Gold Supply if you fail to fund the transaction within the grace period so that we can assist you best.

Subsequently, when you purchase from Patriot Gold Supply, your order will be shipped from Dallas, Texas and will be insured as well. There is FREE shipping and FREE insurance that will be reviewed with you and your Account Executive. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible when searching for where to buy gold for sale online with as few steps as possible so you can spend your time protecting and enjoying your hard earned money.


Where does the gold go?

Immediately after you order, the gold will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Additionally, the gold will be insured when it is en route. Finally, a signature is required for each and every single purchase so that we can verify that the precious metals did indeed get delivered to the proper address.

Unlike many other companies, our goal with Patriot Gold Supply is to see how many people we can help protect their hard earned United States Dollars. We see the impending inflation ahead and we know that it can absolutely wipe out a fiat currency system. If we can simply help and encourage one new investor to consider protecting themselves by purchasing gold, we’ve done our job. At our core, we deliver you with a convenient service that you can trust and educate those in need of information. It is true that everyone should be aware of the uncontrollable government overspending and how that will affect you in the future.



In short, it is best to be prepared! Why not prepare now? Gold has never been more simple to purchase and has never been easier to sell. It is an extremely liquid currency that you can use to hedge against the extreme incoming inflation. Patriot Gold Supply works with the most trusted gold dealers in the industry. Our partners have been trusted by great patriot Americans. Lastly, we want to take the shadiness and the untrustworthiness out of the gold purchasing process and provide you with a convenient service that you can trust!

If you have any questions on where to buy gold for sale online or just want to know how to get started, call us today at (888) 959-1776 or you can fill out the form at the bottom of our website, As we mentioned above, we will have one of our Account Executives reach out to you and assess your needs immediately.

We look forward to talking with you soon!


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