What is the difference between gold for sale in San Antonio and Fiat currency?

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been using gold did they have mind out of the earth as money. But what is money? True and actual money is not the green dollar bills that you have in your wallet right now. That is what we call fiat currency. That is a piece of paper given to us by something called the federal reserve who declares that it has a specific value. That value used to be backed by true money. This true money, Or also known as federal reserve notes, Used to be backed by pure gold. When the dollar bill was backed by gold, everything made sense with this currency. But as soon as the dollar bill was no longer backed by gold, we had now fallen into a Fiat currency system. This made people rush to find gold for sale in San Antonio and all across the United States of America because all of the sudden, their money was not backed by anything.

Gold is true money because it has an actual value. There are people willing to purchase and people willing to sell this money all of the time. Also, gold is considered true money because there is a limited supply of it. We can just press the button and run a printing spree on gold. There’s no such thing as gold for sale in San Antonio inflation because we mind too much gold. Gold for sale in San Antonio is simply true and pure money because we have to work to get it and there is a limited supply of it.

What is Currency?

Let’s say one day I walked up to you and I handed you one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of printer paper. And the printer paper sit on it one dollar and I told you that this piece of printer paper was valued at one dollar. That makes sense because of our current fiat currency system. It would make sense though if I told you that that one dollar in could always and at any time be returned to me and I would exchange you are 1 gallon of gas. This will be a phenomenal rich relationship. At any time you know for a fact that that one sheet of printer paper could always be redeemed for 1 gallon of gas. You can go about your life with confidence collecting these sheets and printer paper by working hard and being diligent. Then one day for some reason I decide to make the executive decision to no longer have that relationship with you. I decide that you are want you to print a paper is no longer worth one gallon of gas. I break the tie between the piece of paper and the gallon of gas. At first it might not seem like that big of a deal because you can still redeem one piece of printer paper for a gallon of gas. But then all the sudden I begin to print millions and trillions of printer paper. Now, you’re one piece of printer paper can buy you 1/4 of gasoline. Is the difference between a gold currency and a fiat currency.

What is Fiat Currency?

Fiat Currency is very dangerous to those who are looking to protect her wealth if they are not smart about their wealth and finding gold for sale in San Antonio. You have to have an awareness of the knowledge that fiat currency exists and that it can be a danger to you. The first step to being able to understand fiat currency and how it can affect you is to look at history. All throughout history, governments have utilize fiat currency as a way to ultimately steal from their citizens. Almost every city government that has collapsed, fell due to some sort of currency problem. It is incredibly important to understand how the currency works so that way you are not caught up in everything when things do go down.

As the government prints more money, it does not increase the price of gold. It simply devalues the dollar which in turn increases the amount of dollars that you have to use to purchase gold. So technically, gold is not going up in price but rather the dollar bill is going down in value. At the end of the day, if you own gold, you will be protected because the price of the dollar may plummet but the price of gold will always be there!

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Our mission is to educate as many people as we can on the upcoming inflation in the valuation of your currency. It is not fair that the government is spending immense amounts of money which causes you to lose value in your wealth. Fiat currencies can be dangerous if you are not aware of that. Make yourself we’re all aware of how the dollar works and how the price and board works. It is very valuable for you to have a firm understanding with how both of these work when looking for gold for sale in San Antonio. If you do so that you’ll find yourself ahead of the game. If you have any more questions about how we can help you or about how you can guard your wealth against inflation, and reach out to Patriot Gold Supply. We hope that the examples listed above are able to help you understand the importance of gold.

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