Why the dollar will collapse and why buying gold for sale in San Antonio will help guard you from this collapse.

History of Gold

If you look back at the history of governments and civilizations, you will see that every country that implements a fiat currency system or a paper currency system eventually has its currency return to its intrinsic value and that is zero. At the end of the day, our federal reserve notes are also known as United States dollars or pieces of paper that are created by the federal reserve and given to us with a promise. This promise is that this note that is given to us is worth one dollar. This meant something at one time on the dollar bill was backed by gold but now the dollar is no longer backed by gold, there is no thing holding the dollar to any standard. Now this is literally a promise of nothing. There’s absolutely nothing that can back this promise except for the word of the federal reserve and the government continuing to except these federal reserve notes as currency.

If you think about it this is actually quite scary. All of our lives, we work extremely hard to build wealth. Our wealth consists of dollar bills because that is what is the World and what society wants us to believe. If you look at wealthy people, they’re always flaunting and flashing around large sums of cash and money. At the end of the day this is meaningless paper backed by a false promise. Those that realize that the dollar bill is literally a hopeless promise from an organization created 100 years ago, these are the people who are buying gold for sale in San Antonio. These are the people that are hedging their wealth against inflation. This is the time to start preparing for collapse. Because as we mentioned earlier, the dollar bill will always return to its value and that is zero.

Gold Price, Commodities Investment

When you look at the history of the occurrences, you will see the same thing over and over again. Every single time that the government switches from a standardized currency backed by something such as gold or silver into A Fiat currency, you will see that the government or the civilization collapses soon after. You can actually look back at history and see some of the examples of the civilizations that have collapsed. America is not the first civilization to switch to a fake currency and watch the country get dismantled by inflation, government overspend, and devaluation. You can look back at even the great civilization of Rome. Everything began to fall apart when they were converted to Fiat currency. Inflation soar and devaluation was everywhere. To governments, inflation is like a drug. All you have to do is print a little bit more money and you’re hooked. Once you realize exactly how easy it is to print money, the thing that everyone is rushing for in life to accumulate, you realize how easy it is and you’re addicted.

Unfortunately when governments get addicted to printing money and over spending, it causes the collapse of nations. The wealth of millions of people goes away in a matter of years because of the greed of just a few people. When civilizations begin to collapse, they would begin to blame businesses, merchants, and the rich. This is a classic move that happened even in Rome. This is not a new game that is happening in America. This has happened for centuries and is a classic movie used by governments who have an addiction to over spending money that they are creating out of thin air.

This is all to say that the collapse of the dollar is imminent. Ever since the United States of America went off of the gold standard, it is become a ticking time bomb. It is literally a countdown for our federal reserve notes to be worth exactly what they are worth and that is zero dollars. Unless somebody switches everything in our grade United States around to where we are back on some sort of standard such as the gold standard, this is a quickly sinking ship. But what should you do to stop it?

How Does Gold Protect You From Inflation

Buying gold for sale in San Antonio it’s something that many people are doing right now to protect them selves from inflation. Gold is an asset that you can purchase that has always held its value. Although it appears as though gold has gone up in price, this is not true. The dollar has actually gone down in value is truly what is happening. If you were to buy gold for sale in San Antonio 100 years ago and instead of paying with dollar bills, you paid with a Car, you would actually be able to trade a car in today’s world as well. This simply means that the price of the car has gone up and the price of gold has gone up equally. That does not mean that the value of the car or the value of the gold has increased. This means that the value of the dollar bills that we are using has decreased dramatically.

Purchasing gold and silver is the best way to hedge your wealth against inflation in today’s failing system. Buying gold for sale in San Antonio , Whether it is in your IRA or you are simply a first and gold buyer. If you have questions about how you can begin purchasing gold in your IRA to make your first gold investment, you can reach out to one of our account executives. Our account executives are not financial advisors but if you tell them your goals about investing into precious metals, they can help guide you in the right direction.

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