Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again?

Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again?


In short… Yes they can…


But how do you protect yourself from another gold confiscation?


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The History Of Gold Confiscation

The question shouldn’t be if the government can steal your gold, rather, “Can the government confiscate gold AGAIN”.


Does The Government Track Your Gold Patriot Gold Supply 5Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again? It Happened in Italy…

Benito Mussolini, the leader of Italy, passed an initiative to put up a fight against the heavy economic hardships. In exchange for all of the gold that was turned in, the citizens received steel wristbands that represented their exchanged gold. These bands represented the support of the country. 

At the end of the day, this is not what the citizens wanted. They started with true money, gold, and wound up with steel bracelets worth nothing. 



Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again? It Happened in Australia… 

Press Release No. 29 ruled that the government of Australia could legally take the gold of their own citizens and exchange it for fiat currency. This took the citizens off guard. Imagine working hard and saving real money, gold, all of your life. You are smart with your wealth and save for retirement. Then, the government decides, since they sincerely believe that you are not financially literate enough, that you have to exchange money for a promise.

This promise is a paper promise that has absolutely no real value. It is not sound money. Fiat currency became a failing system in every country that it was implemented in. 


Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again? It Happened in Britain…

After Britain left the gold standard, they realized that the British pound was falling very quickly. You can see parallels to this in America. We have left the gold standard and we are watching the United States Dollar drop daily. 

In order to protect their hard earned wealth from inflation of the pound, the British hoarded gold to protect themselves. Gold was becoming harder and harder to find. It was becoming increasingly expensive as the rarity went up and the value of the pound plummeted.

This didn’t happen 300 years ago. No, it didn’t happen 100 years ago. This event took place in 1966…

Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again? It Happened in The United States of America…

In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt enacted Executive Order 6102. The United States of America needed gold to repay its debts. Citizens had a short amount of time to turn in all of their gold or face 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine ($214,000 in today’s money).  After the confiscation, FDR raised the price of gold by over 20% in a single day. This was pure thievery.


Non-Registered Precious Metals

How can you protect your wealth from confiscation? If you buy modern bullion, you are allowing the government to know what assets you own. There is a way around this. You can purchase Pre-1966 silver and Pre-1933 gold. These two precious metals are Constitutional Currencies. They consist of coins such as dimes, quarters, nickels, and many more. 

Non-Registered Gold is coins that were in circulation at some point and used as currency. Since they are simply just coins and not bullion, you don’t have to let the government into your private investments.

These metals are the most popular metals that are ordered by Patriot Gold Supply clients. Many people today are worried about privacy and their personal information. This is understandable due to current events and this is why non-registered precious metals are so popular.


Buying Non-Registered Precious Metals To Protect Your Retirement Account

It is a popular practice to buy precious metals with cash, check, card, and bank wire. One of the most convenient ways to purchase precious metals is by means of a retirement account. If you worked for an employer who offered retirement benefits and no longer worked for that employer, you can turn that account into non-traceable gold and silver.

You can also use the retirement account that you are still currently investing into. This is common practice for most of our clients due to how easy this process is. With extremely minimal fees, this can be done and is quite an effective way to hedge your retirement against inflation. 

How You Can Support Veterans While Hedging Your Wealth Against Inflation

Patriot Gold Supply supports our troops. So many great men and women risked everything to protect your freedoms and our freedoms. We acknowledge that each and every day by giving back to those who gave it all. 

We donate a portion of all purchases to support veterans. We know it can be unbelievably difficult to deal with some of the consequences that come with the sacrifice of serving this great country. You support the families who have no one left to support them each and every time you work with Patriot Gold Supply. No where else can you feel a sense of support for your country when you purchase assets. 


Patriot Gold Supply

At Patriot Gold Supply, boast patriotic and Christ focused values. We believe in the GOLDEN rule and treat others as we would like to be treated. The government is trying to take away our freedoms every day. They believe that citizens are not competent enough to handle their own finances. They will conceal their actions by calling new Acts and Laws as “Protection”. 

We are actively lobbying and fighting against those taking away our freedoms. 

Now is the time to take a stand against tyrants and against the Deep State. 

It is time to Drain The Swamp.





Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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