Does The Government Really Track Your Gold?


In short, the answer is yes


If you are one of the many that does not like the government’s nose in every single part of your business, there are ways around being tracked.


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Learn How To Protect Your Wealth Privacy


What Is Modern Bullion?

Modern Bullions are precious metals such as gold and silver that have been minted after 1974. This gold can come from anywhere in the world and does not necessarily come from The United States of America. There is an amount of Troy Ounces on the front of modern Bullion so you know exactly how much gold is in the bullion. 


The Pros & Cons Of Modern Bullion: 



  • Clearly Displayed Gold Content
  • Higher Content of Gold
  • Mass Produced



  • Traced By The Government. Does the government track your gold? Yes!
  • Not Rare or Unique 
  • Can Be Confiscated By The Government In The Same Way As The 1933 Gold Confiscation

Government Controlling Modern Bullion


Does The Government Track Your Gold Patriot Gold Supply 4Common practice of the United States Government is believing that they are better equipped to make financial decisions for citizens. Although they believe that, the government is still in trillions of dollars of debt. They also have a bad habit, or addiction rather, to printing money it does not have just to pay off its debt.

Since we, the peasants citizens of these great United States, are not competent enough, in the government’s eyes, to handle our own finances, they have implemented restrictions. These restrictions are meant to “Protect” us but truthfully they are just new forms of government control. So, does the government track your gold? Yes… But they also are actively trying to limit what you can buy.





The Consumer Protection Act

During the Obama era, the Dodd-Frank reform & Consumer Protection Act was passed. This added many restrictions on purchasing precious metals and many more restrictions in other industries as well. This Act was supposed to protect the “Average Man” from “risky” Over The Counter gold deals. Just like most government legislation, all this act did was add more restrictions and make it more difficult to purchase precious metals. 

The Patriot Gold Supply Team was a part of lobbying against the Act and many Acts since this Act. We are actively fighting to keep American Freedoms. Congress has since attempted to add restrictions to bullion purchases making it virtually illegal to own gold. They have tried to add a 48 hour restriction to where the gold must go from the mint to the customer in 48 hours or less. This is not a time frame any mint or dealer can uphold virtually making gold bullion illegal.

What Are Non-Reportable Precious Metals?

Non-Reportable Precious Metals would be considered gold minted before 1933 and silver before 1965. This is not bullion. These are face value coins that contain precious metals. This is when money was truly money and was backed by metals. Over the years, the government has devalued our coins with non-precious metals such as copper and zinc. The older coins contained precious metals and, what makes them so popular, they are not traced by the government.  Since these Non-Reportable coins are simply “Old Currency” they are not modern bullion and therefore have no restrictions. You can buy them in bulk and the government will never know. So, does the government track your gold? Not Pre 1933 gold or Pre 1965 Silver!  


Learn How To Protect Your Retirement With Non-Reportable Precious Metals


What Is Executive Order 6102?

One of the most famous Executive Orders, Executive Order 6102 made it ILLEGAL to own gold in the United States of America. President Roosevelt, in April of 1933, required every American turn in their gold for $20. Once all Americans turned in their gold, FDR immediately declared that gold was now worth $30 causing Americans to lose a large amount of their wealth. This was truly thievery by the U.S. Government in the name of “Saving America”.  It wasn’t until December of 1974 that President Ford made gold legal to own again. Does the government track your gold? Yes… And they can steal it from you. Or can they…?

Can The Government Confiscate Gold Again?

Yes. For some, the gold confiscation may be new information. To others, you may know that, looking back at history, countries have confiscated gold many times. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. We often get asked “If I buy gold, does the government track

 your gold and can they confiscate it?” That all depends on the type of gold that you buy.


How To Protect Your Retirement With Non-Reportable Precious Metals

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If you purchase Non-Reportable Precious Metals, the government will have no idea that you own the assets. They would physically have to find it in your place of storage and confiscate it. This is why many people purchase Non-Reportable gold and silver over modern traceable bullion. 

Many people have utilized their IRA or their 401K to prepare for retirement. As inflation soars higher than ever historically, many are worried that they are losing their nest egg. The truth is… You are… It is being stolen from right under your nose by the inflation of the dollar. The financially educated are turning to real assets such as gold and silver. This is TRUE money. 

Even if you don’t have large cash reserves to purchase Non-Reportable Precious Metals with, you can use your retirement accounts to purchase gold and silver. This adds an important layer of protection to your retirement that can not be confiscated by the government by means of inflation or executive order. Some say this is the ultimate form of wealth protection. 

Helping Veterans While Protecting Your Wealth

Patriot Gold Supply is Unapologetically Patriotic. We support those who risked everything to protect our freedoms. Some have given huge sacrifices and others have given the ultimate sacrifice. We support our troops and their families. That is why we give back a portion of every sale to Folds of Honor. You can help those in need while protecting your wealth at


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