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They risked it all so that we could enjoy freedom. For that reason, Patriot Gold Supply gives back to the Wounded Warrior Project. Furthermore, we stand with them in support of our great country. Unapologetically, we back the great patriots who fought for this country. 


Old Military Dog Tags Thank YouWhat Is The Wounded Warrior Project?

The Wounded Warrior Project firmly believes that there is always a next mission after our great Veterans come home. In particular, the conversion to civilian life is a process. Although each and every warrior goes through this journey, each and every one has a different story. There is no story that is the same as the other and The Wounded Warrior Project helps our great service men and women in this transition.

Once the great Patriots of the United States of America return home, their journey is just beginning. The Wounded Warrior Project is there for that very first step and every one after that. Truly, there is always a next mission and something to strive for. There is something to win and a goal to reach now that they have returned home. It is that very mission that the Wounded Warrior Project is supporting our great Veterans in. Patriot Gold Supply supports them in this aid financially thanks to our great clients and Patriots. 


Who Does The Wounded Warrior Project Help?

Patriot Gold Supply supports the Wounded Warrior Project in supporting warriors through their mission of returning to civilian life. Specifically, who does the Wounded Warrior Project help?

In short, the Wounded Warrior Project assists those Veterans who have any sort of injury throughout their service during or post 9/11/2001. This is the direct goal and focus of the Wounded Warrior Project. It is their mission and it is the mission of Patriot Gold Supply to support them financially in their mission. 

As a result of the support from Patriot Gold Supply and other companies, the Wounded Warrior Project is able to provide assistance to Veterans at no cost. Therefore we thank all of our great clients for supporting Patriot Gold Supply because you are allowing Veterans across the United States of America to find recovery. 


When Did The Wounded Warrior Project Begin Helping Veterans?

The Wounded Warrior Project began after the September 11th attacks in 2001. It has set out to help all of the men and women who have risked it all to provide freedom for the citizens of this great country. 


How Does The Wounded Warrior Project Help Veterans?

Woman Veteran In Wheelchair Returned From Army. Close Up Photo Veteran Woman In A Wheelchair.

Contrary to popular belief, wounds from war are not always physical. Truly, some of the worst wounds can come from mental trauma. Because of this, the Wounded Warrior Project not only aids in recovery for those with physical wounds but also mental. Each and every warrior has different needs and that is why the road to recovery is unique to all of the alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project. 


Some of the programs that the Wounded Warrior Project has for our great Veterans include:

  • Connecting with other Veterans and Patriots
  • Aiding in Mental Wellness and providing resources in maintaining a healthy state of mind
  • Physical Wellness and training
  • Career and VA benefits guidance
  • Independence Program to get our Veterans on the road to independence

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The motto of the Wounded Warrior Project is


“The Greatest Casualty Is Being Forgotten.”


We have made it our purpose to never forget those who put their lives on the line. Likewise, our entire staff consists of Patriots from across the country. We understand the sacrifice that has been made by our great service men and women. We keep it in the forefront of our day and keep our gratitude for their service as a part of our daily lives. 

God has blessed our company greatly and the least we can do is to give back to those who risked it all for our freedoms. Our clients have expressed to us multiple times throughout the years that they love the fact that they can purchase gold and silver while helping fellow Patriots. 

The GOLDEN Rule is a rule that we live by every day. Not only do we aim to treat our clients as we wish to be treated, we also have set out to treat those who risked it all as we would wish to be treated. 

Throughout the past 30 years, our team has been able to service thousands upon thousands of great Patriots to hedge their wealth against inflation. From beginner investors all the way to experienced gold investors, we are here for you. If you have questions about how to buy gold or how to use your retirement account (IRA or 401k) to purchase gold, you can reach our team at (888) 959-1776

As a result of the current state of the nation and inflation, our team has been absolutely slammed. If you are not able to get ahold of us on the first call, we will be calling you back within the same day. 

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