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Gold and silver have become increasingly popular throughout the past few decades. As a result of the severe inflation, Americans have grown to see the benefits of owning tangible assets. Consequently, Americans have to find a way to store their precious metals.

We have seen a massive increase in our clients searching for alternatives to storing their gold and silver in a gun safe at home. There are better options than keeping your assets at home, and we will review them in this article. We will break down the pros and cons of using a gold storage vault.

Patriot Gold Supply proudly supports the men and women who fought for our country. We give back a portion of the proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Project, and it is the least we can do for the Veterans who risked it all for our freedoms.

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What is the Safest Way to Store Gold and Silver?

There are three main ways for investors to store their gold and silver.


A Safe at Home

Keeping precious metals at home is, by far, the most popular method of storing gold and silver. For example, our clients will purchase their precious metals and get them shipped directly to their door. Next, they will inspect them and document their purchase. Then, they will keep them locked in a home safe or a gun safe. 

Indeed, there are many pros to this method of storage. The main benefit is the ease of access to your investment. On the other hand, there a quite a few cons to this method. One of the main ones is your liability when you keep the assets stored in your home. Burglars, fires, and other natural disasters pose a considerable threat to your investment. 


At a Gold Storage Vault

In contrast to keeping your gold and silver stored at home, utilizing a gold storage vault is safer and more secure. These are the two main pros to keeping your gold in a vault. 

The typical cons of keeping your gold and silver in a vault are, the majority of the time, misconceptions. In short, most people believe that keeping your assets in a vault will hinder your ability to retrieve the metals in time of need. It is effortless to access and sell your metals in all actuality. 

However, the accurate cons of storing your precious metals in a gold storage vault are that you have to pay for storage, and you do not earn interest on your metals. These may not be cons to some, and the peace of mind that the Vault provides is enough for them to utilize the service. Meanwhile, most of our clients prefer to earn interest on their gold and silver. 


Interest Producing Gold and Silver Bank

In the same way that a vault stores your gold safely, a precious metals bank also keeps your metals safe while providing you with a yield on your investments. For years, not earning a yield on precious metals has been the most common argument against gold and silver. Things have changed, and you can now make a yield in gold on your gold.

If you would like more information on how you can keep your gold stored while earning interest, please reach out to one of our representatives.



What are the Different Types of Vault Storage?



With this type of vault storage, you purchase a percentage of gold or silver that a company owns. Unallocated means that there is no specific gold or silver that you own. It may even mean that you own a portion of a large silver bar instead of owning specific one-ounce coins.

Unallocated precious metal storage is not a preferred storage method and often leads to vaults taking advantage of investors.


Allocated Co-Mingled

Allocated Co-Mingled precious metal storage is where you purchase gold or silver, and your assets are in a vault with other assets. In short, your gold and silver are with the gold and silver of others. There is no way to determine if the gold you get when you withdraw is the same gold you deposited. 


Fully Segregated Storage

Fully Segregated storage is the best way to store your gold in a vault. With this method, your precious metals are kept entirely separate from the other precious metals. Your gold and silver will often be kept in a completely different storage container with a lock to prevent mixups. Additionally, some audits occur regularly to ensure there is no tampering. 

When you store your metals with Patriot Gold Supply, this is how we hold metals. We strongly believe that this is the most honest and upfront system.


Are My Gold and Silver Insured With Vault Storage?

Yes! There is both extreme security and insurance on all assets placed in the Vault with Patriot Gold Supply. 

If you look at another company to be your gold storage vault, you must find out the insurance policy.


How Do I Know That My Gold and Silver is Safe in a Vault?

Through regular auditing, heightened security, and insurance, you can have confidence that your precious metals are safe! 

The best companies will allow you to personally audit and inspect your gold and silver to verify that everything is safe. 


How Easy is it to Buy and Sell My Precious Metals in the Vault?

With Patriot Gold Supply, our vault location is also the exact location of our depositories. Since the Vault is at our depositories, buying and selling your precious metals is incredibly easy. It is effortless and takes a simple phone call to your representative. 


How Much Does it Cost to Keep My Gold in a Vault?

We keep pricing simple and easy. For just around $500 per year, you can safely store $100,000 worth of gold and silver. It is best practice to call and determine an exact price. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 888-959-1776, and one of our representatives will be happy to help!



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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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