How Can We Get Interest on Gold and Silver?

One of the most common questions that we get at Patriot Gold Supply is, “Can we get interest on gold?”

Although this used to be more of a difficult question to answer, you can now easily earn interest with your gold and silver.

This article will break down the steps to how this is possible.


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How Do You Earn Interest?


In the same way that you have earned interest in your bank account, you can now earn interest in your gold and silver.

You can earn interest when you invest your precious metals with a company like Monetary Metals. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Deposit funds so that gold and silver can be purchased or send your precious metals in by prepaid mail.
  2. Choose where your precious metals get invested from a pre-vetted list of investments.
  3. Interest gets paid out monthly and sometimes quarterly. The most successful investors reinvest their profits and take full advantage of compound interest.
  4. As you deposit additional precious metals and your account grows through compound interest, you will be able to earn a profit on your precious metals.

Every day, great patriots like you reach out to purchase gold and silver. These great patriots are intelligent and financially literate. We get asked, “Can we get interest on gold?” weekly, and now there is a solution. 


To Whom is the Gold and Silver Lent?


The most frequent businesses that receive funding are jewelers, mints, precious metals merchants, refining companies, precious metals recyclers, and mining enterprises. In short, anyone who has precious metals as a part of their inventory utilizes the services of Monetary Metals.

As a result of receiving a loan for precious metals, these businesses will gladly pay a fee to borrow the products. This fee then gets delivered to the company and you as the investor.

How Do the Gold and Silver Get Paid Out?


Most of our clients at Patriot Gold Supply prefer to own precious metals over fiat currency. For this reason, the interest that gets paid out is often paid out in precious metals. For example, if you have 100 Ounces of gold invested and earn a 3% return on your investment, you will have 103 Ounces of gold in your account. 

Can we get interest on gold? Yes! And we can even earn said interest in gold and silver. When you combine this with compound interest, the true potential of gold is fully unlocked. 

Withdraw at any time


Can we get interest on gold? Yes! and you can withdraw your investment at any time!

Our clients love the freedom that they get with their investments. You can choose to reinvest your earnings like the majority of our clients, or you can withdraw at any time. 



Is There a Fee For Earning Interest?


You don’t have to pay a fee when you earn interest. In short, Monetary Metals lays out the investment opportunities for you. You then choose the minimum interest you’re willing to make, and you earn that interest guaranteed.

The way that Monetary Metals makes money is by making a 2% margin on each deal. Contrary to other companies, this does not come out of the portion you are taking home. 



What is the Risk?


Every one of the investment opportunities has been researched and verified by the teams at Monetary Metals. Although, as you know, if you have invested for any period, there is always a risk when investing. 

You are required to hold insurance on your metals. After all, we want the best for our clients, and we want to make sure that you are safe as possible.

In addition to having insurance, the investments are made safe by an additional insurance policy. For this reason, our clients can invest with confidence. 

Who is Patriot Gold Supply?


Firstly, the founders of Patriot Gold Supply saw a need for a transparent, low-cost, and high integrity gold supplier. Too many great Americans have been taken advantage of by big gold and silver companies who overcharge. You should not have to pay a massive premium on something that you can get cheaper just by shopping somewhere else. 

So many lies have spread in the precious metals industry. You must be wary of the common tactics such as “non-reportable gold and silver” and “non-traceable gold and silver.”

At the end of the day, we should all be buying gold, silver, and tangible assets. We have made it easy for all to protect their wealth from inflation.


Keeping Costs Low 


Keeping costs low has been one of our core missions. We have kept our prices low by not hiring an abundance of salespeople, not renting physical storefronts, and not paying massive sums of money for national ad campaigns. 

While protecting your wealth from inflation, you can feel good about helping Veterans. When you order from Patriot Gold Supply, we give back a portion of our proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Project. When we give back, you are helping those who were wounded while fighting to protect our freedoms. This small giveback is the least that we can do for our Veterans. 



How Can We Get Interest on Gold?


If you are interested in purchasing gold and silver at the best rates possible, get free shipping, free order insurance, and a tracking number, call 888-959-1776. If you would like to learn more about how you can earn interest with your precious metals, fill out the form on this webpage. 

If you have any additional questions on pricing or our process, call 888-959-1776. Call us for more information from the most Patriotic Gold and Silver Company in America.



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