How Much Gold is Enough Gold?

No One Achieves Success Without First Creating A Plan…


This is not financial advice but rather information on how gold is best used to protect wealth. 

When making financial investments, it’s important to have a plan. If you dive into any investment without a plan, you’ll find yourself too deep in one asset and lacking the other. Gold is used as a hedge against inflation and as a way to protect and store your wealth.

But how much gold is enough gold? We did ask this question quite frequently and today we’re going to break it down.



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How Much Gold Do You Want to Own?

When deciding how much gold is enough gold, you have to first break down how much gold you want to own. This depends on your trust in our financial system. Some believe that we are decades if not centuries away from the dollar completely losing its value. 

Others believe that we are less than a year away. With inflation moving as fast as it is, many experts are estimating that We will reach hyperinflation sooner rather than later. 


Creating a Budget

But still, how much gold is enough gold? Just like any good business or individual who is a good steward of their money, you must first create a budget. This is an investment budget. Here, you decide how much you will be investing into each asset class. It is smart to divide your investments into different classes so that when one takes a large hit, your financial ship is not completely sunk. 

History has proven that in the past, the wealthy have successfully beaten tough financial times because they owned real assets. Real assets consist of Income producing land, precious metals, and other physical items that hold their value through inflation.

Look at What You Have First

Look at your portfolio and document using a Google / Excel Spreadsheet. Create a chart for your assets and assign them percentages. This will better help you to understand exactly how much gold is enough gold. When looking at your chart, you want to make sure that your assets are balanced. Sometimes our clients realize that they have EVERYTHING in the stock market or in real estate. This can be very dangerous as we saw back in 2008 with real estate and back in early 2020 with the stock market crash.

Throughout both of these rough financial times, gold still held its value. Gold protected those who would’ve been hurting through those times. If you look at your spreadsheet and realize that you are too invested into just one asset class, then this is your warning to diversify. Things in America are changing and changing fast.


Give your Gold a Percentage

Take your chart and get the grand total of how much you have invested. Then divide it up into percentages. Look at your percentages and ask yourself, “Do I have what I need to protect my wealth and retirement from inflation?” Yes, you may have a large stock portfolio and a massive amount of cash in the bank but what happens when inflation catches up? We see it happening all around us. Prices are increasing by 20% – 40% on common necessities. 

What is truly happening is that your dollars are worth 20% – 40% less than last year. If you are keeping cash stored in the bank, you will one day wake up with far less purchasing power than you thought you had. Inflation can rip your dreams and goals for retirement away from you. It is a slow and painful tear. 

The government, addicted to creating more dollars out of thin air and it is up to you to protect yourself from them. The percentage is a personal decision that each and every one of us have to make. 

Don’t Wait For Your Wealth Manager to Tell You to Buy Gold

The only thing we can say is that no one is going to make that decision for you and your wealth advisor is not going to tell you how much gold is enough gold until it is too late. The dollar will collapse and gold will rocket. That is when you will get your first warning from your wealth advisor. 

Take this as a fair warning to move a portion of your wealth to be on defense. Your entire life, your wealth has been working for you to create more wealth. You have successfully created a nest egg that you are proud of and can retire with. Why risk it all to stay on offense for a few more years? 

This isn’t to say that you should move all of your wealth to gold but rather to move a portion that you are comfortable with. Since there is always someone looking to buy gold, you can store your rainy day fund in just a few small gold bars. It is the smart thing to do and the safe thing to do. 


When the Bull Run Comes, They’ll Rush To Buy. Don’t Get Trampled.

Typically, when a bull run happens, we feel as though we missed out. What makes the gold run different is that, if you miss it, that means that the dollar has lost a massive amount of value. It will level the playing field and the only ones left standing will be those with gold bars and coins in their safe. 

Now It Is Time To Learn How To Hold Gold. Physical Gold Is The Building Blocks.

There are so many ways to invest into gold. You can purchase stocks on the NYSE that buy and store physical gold inside of vaults. This is the easiest way to buy gold but you may be shocked as to how easy it is to order physical gold shipped directly to your house. 

It takes less than 15 minutes to learn how you can hedge your wealth against inflation. Everyone should know how to protect themselves from the theft that is inflation. Call 888-959-1776 and one of our Account Executives will be in touch with you. We are not financial advisors, rather we help guide you to achieve proper wealth protection based on your portfolio. 


Unapologetically Patriotic

How Much Gold Is Enough Gold Patriot Gold Supply 3In America, we have freedoms that no other country possesses. We often take advantage of the fact that we have the ability to freely buy gold and other assets. Those who risked it all for our freedoms deserve to be supported through rough times as well. That is why Patriot Gold Supply donates a portion of every purchase to help veterans in need. 

How much gold is enough gold? Call 888-959-1776 and our Account Executives can help find the percentage that would protect you best but ultimately, that decision is up to you.

Feel good while investing with Patriot Gold Supply.



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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