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Warren Buffet once said…

“If you own one ounce of gold for an eternity, you still own one ounce of gold at its end.”

At the time when Buffet said this quote, he was correct. However, since that time, much has changed in the world of gold and silver. Notably, the amount of opportunity you have to earn interest with your gold and silver is massive. Many gold investors have asked how to earn interest on gold, and as a result, your gold can work for you.

How To Earn Interest on Gold and Silver?


Similar to how you earn interest on your Fiat currency in the bank, you can also earn interest on your gold and silver. Furthermore, the interest you earn can compound over time and what you will achieve is more gold. If you make a 3% interest on your 100 Ounces of gold, you will have 103 Ounces of gold. 

It is essential to realize that earning interest on gold and silver is how banks worked before 1933. After the gold confiscation occurred, Americans became distanced from the thought of making a yield on gold. Consequently, many large investors, such as Warren Buffet, have bashed the ownership of precious metals since they do not produce any cash flow. Until now, this has been true. 

In the light of massive inflation, there has been a flood of people turning to gold to protect their wealth. Everyone has three options on how to store their gold once they purchase it:

  1. Store the gold in a safe at home.
  2. Pay a vault to hold the gold safely.
  3. Don’t pay any storage fees and earn interest on your gold with a company like Monetary Metals.

The most intelligent investors are more frequently choosing option three, and the process is simple.

The Process


Step 1:

Choose how much gold/silver on which you want to earn interest.


Step 2:

Purchase the gold/silver with cash or ship the precious metals with pre-paid shipping.


Step 3:

Choose which investment you want to put your precious metals into and the minimum interest you want to earn on the investment. These investments are companies looking specifically for gold and silver to fund their projects.

The investments have a varying interest rate based on the use of the investment. 


Step 4: 

Earn interest on the investment in gold or silver.


Step 5:

Utilize compound interest and reinvest the precious metals into more investments.

Can You Utilize Compound Interest With Gold and Silver?


Yes! Moreover, we highly encourage it! 

As Albert Einstein once put it, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”.

At Patriot Gold Supply, we aim to educate as many people as possible on the importance of owning gold and silver. Learning how to earn interest on gold may be just as important. Hyperinflation is looming directly above our heads and threatens to crush the unprepared. The history of Fiat Currency is bound to repeat itself just as it has in the past. 

Now is the time to understand the importance of gold and silver. Learning how to earn interest on gold will save you and your family from many hardships in the future.

How Often is the Interest Paid Out?


Your investments vary since you choose which opportunities your precious metals get utilized. For this reason, the interest payout can vary based on the investment. 

The majority of the interest payouts happen monthly, with a few occurring every quarter. 

With this said, the majority of our clients take advantage of two things:

  1. Compound interest. Reinvesting your gold and silver is one of the most powerful things you can do for your wealth.
  2. Dollar-cost averaging. Investing a set amount into your portfolio every month or every quarter is a best practice in the precious metals space.

Is There a Fee When You Earn Interest?


The standard fee is 2%.

This fee means that when we find someone looking for gold and silver, they are willing to pay out 5%, where 2% of the 5% is a fee.



Where Should I Buy The Gold?


Patriot Gold Supply has the best prices, free shipping, free order insurance and always has gold and silver in stock

Contact us at 888-959-1776 if you have questions about purchasing precious metals. 

Who is Patriot Gold Supply?


As we mentioned above, we aim to help as many as possible to understand the importance of tangible assets. Without a doubt, there is a significant financial struggle headed towards America, and the more Patriots who understand how to be prepared, the better. 

We also have set out to support our United States Veterans by donating a portion of our profits to The Wounded Warrior Project. Donating a part of our profits is the least we can do for those who risked it all for our freedoms. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can help Veterans while also protecting your wealth from inflation, you can speak with our senior broker at 888-959-1776. You can also fill out the form on this page, and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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