“Inflation is taxation without legislation.”

– Milton Friedman


Inflation has never been this high in over 10 years. The value of the United States dollar is dropping every single day and people all over the world are trying to find where to buy gold locally. It is becoming more and more apparent that people are trying to hedge their retirement and all of their investments against inflation. 


We have all been promised the inflation will be temporary and that here very soon, inflation will go back down and prices will settle. We were all promised that this massive inflation would be temporary and that they would only be a small jump in prices for goods and services. Unfortunately, inflation has been far more severe than anyone had ever imagined. The value of your United States dollar is dropping every single day. The money that you spent your blood sweat and tears to earn is now worth less today than it was yesterday.


So what can you do to hedge against this massive inflation? Many people are buying physical assets to hedge against this insane amount of inflation. Some people are buying real estate and others are buying precious metals. We have hundreds of people reach out to us every single week who are trying to find where to buy gold locally. There’s people all over the United States who are trying to find the best way to hedge against the crazy amount of inflation that they are seeing in our society.


When you look back at history, you can see how gold has consistently held its value. Contrary to what most people believe, gold is not an investment. Gold is a storage system. It is a way to hold your dollars in a stable, steady, and fairly liquid currency. Gold is not necessarily going up in price every single day, the United States dollar is losing value every single day. If you look back in history, and you purchased a model T With 8 ounces of gold, the dollar amount of that model T would be very different from the dollar amount of a new Ford today. Although the price in United States dollars would be very different, you can still buy a brand new Ford today for 8 ounces of gold.


We’re looking for where to buy gold locally, you must understand that gold is not an income producing asset. It is used to hedge against the devaluation of any Fiat currency. When we wake up, and our retirement funds, our stock holdings, and our savings accounts can purchase half of what they could just a few years ago, we will have wished that we would have invested into gold. Gold is also not the only option to hedge against inflation. There are many other different precious metals that you can invest into the hedge against inflation. There are multiple different precious metals that you can use to hedge against inflation including silver, Gold, and even platinum. 


“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero” – Voltaire 

What is money and where to buy gold locally?


Money is something that is some sort of standard of value. It is a measurement that is generally agreed upon by a group of people or a country. It expresses the price of different goods and services.

It is also something that is meant to store value and hold a purchasing power. It should allow you to store your money away so that you can spend your money in the future and not when you receive it. 

Money is made to be transferable and exchangeable between people to be used as compensation for different goods and services.

Will the fiat currency fail and where to buy gold locally?


If you look into history, every single government eventually chooses fiat currency. They always go the way of the currency not backed by anything except faith in a system run by a few people. 

When the full cycle of fiat currency takes place, those who have massive amounts of debt will end up winning because their debts are worth less and less. That means that they are easier and easier to pay off in the future until the debt is completely wiped out. 


The ones that will find themselves in a tough spot is the savers. Those people who believed that saving back all of their fiat currency for a rainy day was the smartest idea. This may have been true back when the United States was on the gold standard. Since we are not completely on a fiat currency system, those who save will lose.


When Fiat currencies crash, the rich always end up with the least amount of pain. This is simply because the rich own real assets and not just paper currency. Real assets include and are not limited to:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Land
  • Buildings

Who should be looking for where to buy gold locally?


Anyone who sees clearly the incoming and emanate inflation heading the way of the United states should be searching for a gold dealer to form a relationship with. It is now not a question of “when” and not of “if” your savings will be wiped out by inflation. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to hedge their hard earned dollars against the extreme government overspending and mismanagement of the United States economy. 


You want to make sure that you have a good relationship with your gold dealer before you really need one last second and have to go with whoever has gold at the moment. We believe that it is important to have a relationship with your precious metals dealer so that you can have someone in your corner to help you understand the proper purchase for your exact needs. It is important to have someone in your corner to help you know when to buy and when to sell so that you can protect your money from inflation.


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