Is Gold or Silver a Better Investment?



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If you are new to investing in precious metals, you may be wondering…


 “Is Gold or Silver a better investment?”


Let’s talk a little bit about the price of both gold and silver. 


The Price of Gold

Gold has always had a greater price than silver. Currently, gold is being sold at $1,793.20 per ounce. One of the most popular ways that gold is purchased is through a one ounce gold coin such as the Liberty Coin. This means that if you are trying to find out “is gold or silver a better investment?”, then you have to first take into consideration the price of entry. Although the one ounce gold coin is one of the most popular options, there are many more options. Many soon-to-be retirees tend to go the way of the gold coin when converting their IRA since it holds its value nicely and is easy to liquidate. 


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The Price of Silver

Silver is far more common than gold. There is thought to be 16x more silver in the earth’s crust than there is gold. That doesn’t make it worthless but it does make it worth much less. Currently silver is valued at $23.91. The one ounce silver coin is also the most popular way to buy silver. Larger bars are more common in silver since the lower price point. The price of silver is largely believed to be suppressed and is pending a great increase in value in the near future. Between this awaiting bubble and the increase of silver use in electronics, silver has become an incredible investment at a much lower barrier of entry than gold.


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Where is the price going?

Throughout history, the price of both gold and silver has steadily increased. At least… That is what it looks like. In all reality, the purchasing power of gold and silver has not changed. This means that if you were to buy a barrel of oil back in 1900, you could buy the same barrel of oil in 2020 with roughly the same amount of gold. What has actually occurred is that the dollar has lost value. This makes it look as though the value of gold has increased. As the dollar decreases in value the higher the cost of gold.


What is happening to the value of the dollar?

Is Silver A Good Investment Patriot Gold Supply 5The United States Government has been printing more money that it owns since we left the gold standard. This means, since that time, the value of the dollar has steadily decreased. It was not until 2020 that we began to experience hyperinflation. This is where so much money is printed that it devalues, or waters down, our dollars so much that massive groups of people flock to physical assets, like gold and silver, to hedge against hyperinflation. Now let’s get back to the real question, “Is gold or silver a better investment?



  • If you are looking to purchase large amounts of precious metals:
    • If you are looking to make a massive purchase of metals to protect your wealth, gold would be the best option for you. This would make a great option for someone looking to convert their IRA into precious metals. 
  • If you are looking to make smaller precious metal purchases:
    • Since silver is at a much lower price point, it is a good option for those looking to throw a few hundred dollars at the metal. It is also a great option for those looking for more liquid options since there are more people with the ability to buy silver than there are gold buyers in the world.



You hear so many different opinions in the world about gold and silver and about how stable or volatile they are. In all reality they both have a solid history of maintaining their value through centuries. Currently silver is more volatile than gold. Silver is largely believed to be suppressed in value and believed to soon rise in price. This is not a guarantee but rather a speculation that is shared by many investors in both precious metals. We recommend you get into contact with one of the Patriot Gold Supply Account Experts to learn more.


What if all of your funds are tied up in an IRA but you don’t want to lose your wealth?

If you are aware of the crazy events going on in the world and you understand the upcoming hyperinflation that has set in, you are probably worried about your retirement or your savings. That is a valid concern to have. Your cash is losing value every single day that it is tied up in fiat currency. There are many options for how you can convert your IRA and roll it over into precious metals to hedge against inflation. There is hope!


Is gold or silver a better investment?

We often see people spread out their investments into both of these metals since they both have their benefits. Silver has more of a potential to grow rapidly and gold has a steady reputation. You can hedge against inflation with both metals but they each have their own pros and cons. Both are facing a positive future if the current government overspend continues to happen every day.


 A solid place to start is:

Gold 70%

Silver 30%


How do I get started?

Patriot Gold Supply has a combined 30 years of experience in helping first time investors and experienced investors find the best investment. We help many people every day answer the question “Is gold or silver a better investment?”. You can fill out the form just below or you can simply reach out to one of our Account Executives by calling (888) 959-1776.



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