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How do you know if silver is a good investment for you?

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Before we find out the answer to “Is Silver a Good Investment?”, we first must look at the history of inflation. You don’t have to look far into the past to see that your hard earned dollars are losing their value every single day. If you purchased an item for $100 back in January of 2000, you would have to pay $162.51 in September of 2021 to pay for the same item. The same devaluation of that $100 is exactly what is happening to your savings or your IRA. It is a slowly leaking ship and government overspend is at the helm. On the other hand, that item, if purchased in January of 2000, would have been the equivalent of 18.9 ounces of silver. 18.9 ounces of silver today is valued at $450.66. Not only has silver proven to hedge against inflation, it has profited those who have held it in their safes and IRAs very well.


Silver is a physical asset but it is not the same thing as gold. Gold has proven to be very steady in its increase in value. It steadily goes up in value year after year and has proven to do so for decades. But is Silver a Good Investment? Silver on the other hand has shown to be more volatile in its value. This doesn’t make it a bad asset because of what we know about the precious metal. At the time of this writing, silver is not at an all time high. Silver is actually greatly undervalued because of the suppression of its price from the banks.


Back in 2011, silver reached a new all time high of $42.88 and has since returned to a price near $24. If silver has never even touched the $100 mark why are people wondering “Could silver reach $500?”. Silver is greatly undervalued. The popularity of silver since 2020 has been driven up greatly due to the recent hyperinflation setting in which is causing more and more people to perform even more research into the price target of silver. The technology industry is also boosting up the price of silver because of the immense use of the metal in phones and other electronics. 

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Does the price of gold determine the price of silver?


The price of gold and silver are quite similar when you look at them next to each other but they are not identical twins. They have obvious differences and it is not always a rock solid guarantee that, when the price of gold increases, the price of silver will increase. Is gold a good investment? It is absolutely when you look at how much money has been printed in the last 12 months. Is silver a good investment? It absolutely is. You simply must remember that the two metals are not one in the same, they just are used for some of the same purposes. Hedging against inflation is one of the biggest reasons. 


What are the main reasons you should purchase silver?


  •  To hedge against inflation. 
    • There is an uncontrollable amount of spending and printing of United States Dollars which is a fiat currency. Every dollar that is printed lowers the value of your dollar but increases the value of your silver.

  •  To diversify your investments.
    • If you only own stocks in an IRA or even just cash in a bank account, now is the time to diversify. If you look back at the example in the beginning of this article, you can see just how much money you have lost by simply saving fiat currency.
    • Use this calculator to find out how much inflation has occurred in your lifetime:
  •  It is extremely undervalued.
    • If you are debating on whether to buy gold or silver, you must consider that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Although silver is far less risky than some other investments, it is riskier than gold. With that, it is greatly undervalued and has a great opportunity to rapidly increase in value.


Although this is not financial advice for you and your personal portfolio, we have seen that having a store of precious metals that is equivalent to your age is quite important. For example:

  • If you are 20 years old you should have 20% of your portfolio in precious metals.
  • If you are 50 years old you should have 50% of your portfolio in precious metals.
  • If you are 80 years old you should have 80% of your portfolio in precious metals.


What about silver and retirement?


The reason why we recommend that you have more of your wealth in precious metals as you grow older is because it is a safe and stable way to protect your wealth. When you are younger, you have more time to make up for loss and more opportunities to take chances and make risky investments. When you are younger, it is the time for you to take chances and build your wealth. As you grow older and get closer into retirement, it is the time to protect your investments and take less risks.


As you retire, one of the riskiest things you can do is hold onto cash. Cash in the bank or cash in your IRA, it is not a physical asset and therefore it is a dangerous game to play as hyperinflation sets in. There have been more dollars printed in 2021 than there were printed for over 25 years. You may think prices of goods and services are going up everywhere you turn but that is not the case. The thing in your wallet or in your IRA is decreasing in value every second. It simply takes almost twice as many dollars to live a full and happy life now than it did 25 years ago. Don’t get caught with not enough money to retire because of inflation. You worked far too long and hard to let that happen.


So “Is Silver a Good Investment?” is an extremely valid question. If you simply look at inflation and the price of silver next to each other, you can see a trend that tends to lean towards “YES” to the question of “Is Silver a Good Investment?” There is no way to tell exactly what price it will be in 5 years but but if you look at history, it tends to happen rather quickly when hyperinflation sets into a fiat currency.


If you have any questions on how to hedge your wealth against inflation, diversify into silver, or how to convert your IRA into precious metals, we are happy to help. If you simply have questions or need advice, one of our Account Experts will be happy to help. You can fill out the form below or call us directly at (888) 959-1776 and we will get you connected with a professional. 



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