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About Our Location:

Patriot Gold Supply is the gold supplier of choice for Phoenix residents. Over the course of 30 years, we have been able to service hundreds of thousands of happy customers. We have service areas in each and every one of the 50 states. In addition to providing gold for sale in Phoenix to the great state of Arizona, we also provide silver and other precious metals. Contrary to many large precious metals suppliers, Patriot Gold Supply is proud of our great country and supports our veterans.

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Schedule A consultation with an account executive

The first step in getting started purchasing gold and other precious metals is to schedule a consultation. At first, many of our clients know for a fact that they want to purchase gold for sale in Phoenix but they do not know where to get started. Consequently, they are looking for some sort of guidance and that is why we always have a free consultation with our clients. While our account executives might be precious metals experts, they are not financial advisors and will simply guide you towards your goals.

After you have performed a consultation with our account executives, we will agree upon a gold for sale in Phoenix or silver product that you were happy with. Once we come to an agreement, we will begin the process of shipping and handling.


How do you know what kind of metals you should buy?

Standard and new gold and silver bullion is probably what you have seen most of the time when looking for gold or silver to purchase. Recently, the most popular type of phoenix gold that is purchased from Patriot Gold Supply has been non-reportable precious metals. For example, this would be pre-1933 gold and pre-1965 silver. This is considered non-reportable because it does not produce a 1099 when you sell your precious metals. Furthermore, this is actual currency produced before specific dates which contains Precious metals.

Not only do non-reportable gold and silver have a face value but also have an intrinsic value. Since this is standard currency, they are far more likely to be safe and protected from the government in the event of another precious metals confiscation. In particular, a confiscation like the 1933 gold conversation by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Is Gold or Silver Better?

As we discussed above, this depends on your goals. Oftentimes, gold and silver are both used as a storage of wealth. They are not necessarily purchased to create wealth or cash flow, but instead to hedge your current wealth against inflation.

More often than not, gold is purchased to be a main hedge against inflation. Looking at history, you can see that gold has steadily held its value or gone up in value. It is proven to be steady and faithful.

On the other hand, silver is quite a bit more liquid in its value. One day, it might have a new high and the next it might be lower than normal. For this reason, there are many people who prefer to purchase silver because there is more of a possible upside than there is with gold.

Both precious metals are great investments no matter which one you choose. Again, it all comes down to what your goals are with your wealth.


How do the precious metals get shipped?

Above all, we want to ensure that the precious metals get to your destination safely. For this reason, we make sure that each and every package containing gold for sale in Phoenix or silver is insured. It means, if anything happens to your precious metals on the way to your house, the shipping and handling company will take care of it for you. Thus, the product is insured up until the time that you sign for the package upon delivery.


Do the products get shipped to my house or somewhere else?

Frequently we get this question. Our clients often wonder, when they’re purchasing gold or silver for the first time, if the products physically get shipped to their house or if they go to some sort of storage facility. Over 90% of our clients have the products shipped directly to their home or office. Truly, this is the safest way to store your precious metals. The goal for most people in owning precious metals is to be separate from big banks and institutions. As a result of having this currency in your home, you can be fully independent.

On the other hand, if you would not like the gold for sale in Phoenix and silver to be shipped to your home, we have other options as well. We utilize a safe and secure storage company in Delaware. Not only will the company keep your precious metals secure, they will also send you statements of how much precious metals are in their storage that you own. This company charges .5% of the metals that you have in storage. For example, this would be a great option for somebody who is not comfortable keeping their precious metals at their home or at their office space.


Who is Patriot Gold Supply?

In conclusion, Patriot Gold Supply is a company that has Christian and Patriotic Values. We believe in the GOLDEN Rule and that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. In addition, we are unashamed of our country and our history. We are proud to be Patriots of the Great United States of America.


Each time you work with Patriot Gold Supply, you are helping veterans in need. On top of that, you are helping  families of veterans as well. We give back to support our veterans each time you work with Patriot Gold Supply.


As a result of current financial uncertainty, we have had a flood of phone calls hit our offices. If you are not able to reach an Account Executive, we will call you back on the same day. Call (602) 813-0405 to reach one of our God-Fearing staff members. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page.



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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