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About Our Location:

Anywhere from the Cleveland Museum of art and all the way to the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame, Patriot Gold Supply proudly serves the great city of Cleveland Ohio. Around every corner, you can find a great American patriot searching for gold for sale in Cleveland Ohio. It is our mission to assist every patriot in need who is looking for precious metals to hedge their wealth against inflation. We are here to help the patriots of Cleveland and the patriots of every state in the United States of America.

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Bay Village

Chagrin Falls

Highland Heights


Cleveland Heights




How Did Patriot Gold Supply Begin?

Patriot Gold Supply was founded by a great American patriot who realized a great need. Throughout America, there are many people searching for a way to protect their wealth. Every day, we work hard, we save our money, and we do our best. Government overspend and a lack of privacy is why we started this company. We saw that our freedoms and rights were being taken away one at a time. We knew that there must be a way to protect our hard earned dollars from inflation and government theft.


How Do You Know What Gold Or Silver To Buy?

Every day, we are contacted by patriots searching for gold for sale in Cleveland. The majority of the time, our clients have a large number of questions because they don’t know exactly where to get started in regards to precious metals. Currently, the United States government is attempting to pass many laws that would restrict our privacy and freedoms. In particular, the IRS tracking bank accounts over $600. This is only one of many attempts to violate our privacy by our own government.

For this very reason, the majority of our clients prefer to purchase non-reportable gold and silver. This would be considered precious metals that include pre-1933 gold and pre-1965 silver. These metals are far less likely to be confiscated in the event of another 1933 gold confiscation. Unfortunately, inflation is not the only way the government can steal your money. There’s also a history of gold confiscation and currency devaluation in every single country including these great United States of America.


What if you know exactly what she would like to purchase?

On the other hand, we do have a few clients that know exactly what kind of gold for sale in Cleveland that they are looking for. These clients we’ve had a relationship with for many years and they understand how our process works.


Payment options

In addition to providing world-class knowledge and wisdom on the precious metals industry, our goal is to provide you with a Seamless and simple experience. Unlike other precious metal companies who Offer gold for sale in Cleveland, Patriot Gold Supply does not complicate the process.

We have many safe and secure payment options for your convenience. Four large purchases, you can send a check through certified mail. You can also wire transfer over funds. I am


How do the precious metals get shipped?

Once your precious metals have been purchased, your order will be shipped with insurance. This always gives our clients peace of mind when they order with us. You can know for a fact that your assets will be safe all the way to your doorstep. The package will be insured up and to the point when you sign for your package. 

If you have never shipped precious metals to your home before or have questions about the process, you can reach out to one of our staff members and we would be happy to speak with you about the process. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with their clients and therefore provide them with a safe and smooth experience from start to finish.


Who Is Patriot Gold Supply?

Patriot Gold Supply is a group of patriots who support our country. Unlike some other precious metal investment companies, we have patriotic and biblical values. We stand behind the golden rule and firmly believe that we should treat others as we wish to be treated.

The majority of our clients have worked with us for years as a result of honest information and wisdom form our account executives. Our goal is to former long-term relationships with other patriots who are looking to hedge their wealth against inflation. If you are you were looking for gold for sale in Cleveland or silver for sale, we are here to help you get to your goals!

You can reach us at (216) 329-5923 and one of our God-fearing patriot staff members will be in touch with you shortly. As a result of inflation fears, our team has gotten a flood of inquiries. If you do not reach us on the first phone call, please be patient and we will be in touch with you today.

When you work with Patriot Gold Supply, you’re helping a veteran in need. Check out our giveback page to see how we help veterans and their families through the Wounded Warrior Project. We firmly believe that we should help those who risk it all for our freedoms.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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