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About Our Location:

Although Patriot Gold Supply serves all 50 states, Broken Arrow Oklahoma is a special place due to Oklahoma being the state of our headquarters. Similarly to our clients in other states, our Broken Arrow clients are searching for gold for sale in Broken Arrow. For the past 30 years, our Account Executives have been providing guidance for our thousands of customers. If you have questions about where to get started with gold and silver, you can reach out to our team and we would be happy to help!

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Why should you buy gold?

Throughout history gold has been used as currency. Today, gold can still be used as currency but is more frequently used as the hedge against inflation. Although many people believe that you can’t buy and sell things with gold, this is actually more common than you think. Most importantly, the reason why most of our clients search for gold for sale in Broken Arrow is to find a way to protect themselves from this upcoming hyperinflation.

On the other hand, silver is becoming increasingly more popular due to its value being far greater than the current price. Gold has been used for centuries to protect wealth from inflation and it continues to do so today.

What is the right precious metal for you?

Occasionally, we will have experienced investors that reach out to our team searching for gold for sale in Broken Arrow. Most of the time, those who reach out to our team are trying to learn about gold and silver and don’t know yet where to get started. Unlike some companies, we are absolutely happy to help you figure out what is the best option for you in regards to precious metals.

The first step and figuring out what is the right fit for you in regards to God for sale in broken arrow is to find out what your goals are. Here are a few of the most common goals that we see:

To hedge wealth against inflation and government overreach

This is the most popular reason for our clients reaching out to us. As a result of the current inflation rate in the financial future of our country, we have had new clients reaching out to us in droves. For example, the privacy infringement that the government and the IRS are trying to implement on the people of the United States of America have driven the people to find alternatives to keeping cash in big banks. 

Those who are educated about this event in history are also concerned about confiscation of wealth like the gold confiscation in 1933. For that very reason, many of our clients purchase non-reportable pre-1933 gold and non-reportable pre-1965 silver.

To invest into an asset that will increase in value

In addition to beating the dollar, gold and silver have been a great asset to own in regards to assets that increase in value. Although, when you were looking for gold for sale in Broken Arrow, you should not be looking to purchase gold to produce a large amount of cash flow. Precious metals are not a cash producing business. 

In other words, if you were looking for something that will produce you large sums of money, we would highly recommend that you purchase a franchise or start a business. With that said, between gold and silver, silver would be the preferred precious metal of choice for someone looking for a precious metal with a higher upside. Due to its highly undervalued price, silver has a much higher probability of increasing in price in the short term.


To keep your wealth private 

Specifically, non-reportable gold and non-reportable silver are the best options for those looking to keep their assets private. To illustrate, non-reportable precious metals are those that used to be currency in circulation. In particular, dimes, quarters, and nickels, that have silver contents inside of them. 

In regards to gold, this would be pre-1933 gold coins that were in Circulation and used as currency. This is the most private way to hold your precious metals as opposed to holding them in Bullion. When you sell bullion, it will produce a 1099 but you can use non-reportable gold and silver to barter, trade, and pay for things.


How do I get the precious metals?

After you’ve decided exactly which precious metals are going to be the right fit for you, you will work with one of our account executives to work out the details on shipping. Many of our clients searching for gold for sale in Broken Arrow prefer to have the gold shipped directly to them. Specifically, 90% of our clients prefer to have the gold in their possession versus having it held in a secure storage location.

Once the payment is processed through one of our many convenient payment processing methods, the precious metals will be shipped to your home in an insured package. The package will be insured all the way up until your signature when you take delivery of your precious metals.


Who is Patriot Gold Supply?

Patriot Gold Supply was created because there was a strong need for honest gold suppliers in the United States of America. We strongly believe in the golden rule and believe that others should be treated exactly how we wish to be treated as well. That is why we provide the most honest feedback and recommendations when other patriots call us for advice.

A portion of every transaction goes back to veterans in need. We believe that it is incredibly important to support those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and risked their lives.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an account executive about gold for sale in Broken Arrow then you can give us a call by dialing (888) 959-1776 and we will be in touch with you shortly. Our team has been absolutely slammed due to the major concern of hyperinflation in our country. If you are not able to reach one of our God-fearing staff members on the first call, please be patient and we will be reaching out to you on the same day.



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