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About Our Location:

Across the great state of Texas, we have been able to service thousands of great patriots. Specifically in the great city of Fair Oaks Ranch, there are many Patriots who are protecting their wealth from inflation by means of gold and silver. As there are more and more people searching for gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch, there are more who are prepared for what is to come for the destiny of the U.S. dollar. Purchasing gold and silver is insurance for your wealth. Throughout time people say “I need Life Insurance” but never purchase it until it is too late. The same happens with precious metals. We know we need insurance but we absolutely can not wait until it is too late. Contrarily to life insurance, you don’t have to forfeit your funds at the end of a time period. You get to keep them for as long as you’d like!

Cities We Serve:


Nelson City

Timberwood Park

Shavano Park

Grey Forest

Fair Oaks Ranch

Spring Branch

Hollywood Park

Leon Springs

Pipe Creek


Hill Country Village

Cross Mountain



To illustrate how our process works, we will break it down into 5 steps in this article.


Determine What Your Goals Are

Firstly, when you are setting out to purchase precious metals, you MUST have a goal in mind. Some who are looking at purchasing gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch are looking to buy gold as a storage of wealth. Moreover, this is what the majority of our clients are doing when they purchase gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch. 

Although the dollar has not completely lost its value, it is diminishing each and every day. The Fed is printing money like Johannes Gutenberg the day he invented the printing press. There seems to be no end to the amount of money that the Fed is willing to print. As a result of this major overspending, we have been overwhelmed with calls from those who are looking to hedge their wealth against hyperinflation and the absolute collapse of the dollar. 


Speak With An Account Executive 

Over the past 30 years, we have been able to serve tens of thousands of great patriots across the United States of America. For that reason, we have built an incredible team of precious metals experts. Our Account Executives are here to service our clients ranging from first time gold investors and all the way up to experienced gold and silver buyers. 

Although our account executives are professionals in the realm of gold and silver, they are not financial advisors. Rather, we help you to find what your goals are and how to get there. 


Make A Purchase 

Once you have decided on the right gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch for you, now is the time to make a purchase. We have set up many different methods of payment to make the investment process as simple as possible for our clients. Some Gold and silver companies aim to complicate the process of investing and we have set out to provide our clients with the smoothest and simplest process. 

In addition to commercial banks censoring and canceling patriots, they have also attempted to make precious metal purchases as difficult as possible. Gold and silver are true currencies. They are true money. Therefore, when you remove your money from the big commercial banks, to keep it safe, they understand that they will likely never see that money again. The way banks make more money is by keeping your money in their hands. 

This is yet another reason why purchasing gold and silver is a smart decision. There are so many great patriots who have gotten canceled because of their views. Some of these patriots include Mike Lindell and General Michel Flynn. If you are searching for gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch, now is a good time to diversify your wealth in case you too, like Lindell and Flynn, get canceled from your commercial bank. 


Shipping The Precious Metals To Your Doorstep 

It is true that the majority of gold and silver transactions now happen over a phone call or online order. As a result of technology, we are able to make quick purchases and transactions. This does not take the place of human relationships. That is why our Account Executives set out to build a long term personal relationship with our clients. When you are ready to purchase, we are here for you. When you are ready to sell back your precious metals, we are here for you!

Once you make your order, our team of patriots will begin the shipping process. Though many are familiar with this type of purchasing process, some still may not have experienced this type of process in regards to precious metals. You can order your investments and keep peace of mind due to the fact that each and every package is insured. All the way up until you sign for the package and it is in your hands, it is protected by insurance. 


Storing Your Precious Metals

Oftentimes we get this question. There are a few options:

  • Keep it in a gun safe at home
  • Store it in a secret spot that you will remember
  • Send it to a high security precious metals storage company


Who Is Patriot Gold Supply?

In summary, Patriot Gold Supply is a conglomeration of patriots who have set out to provide a trustworthy and honest gold supplier to the patriots of America. We boast Unapologetically Patriotic values alongside our Christian values. The GOLDEN rule is a core value that we uphold. Treating others as we wish to be treated is of utmost importance to our team.

If you would like to learn more about gold for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch, you can reach one of our God-Fearing Patriot Staff Members by dialing (210) 891-2210. We will connect you with one of our Account Executives who will be able to point you towards the proper metal for your goals. 



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