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About Our Location:

Texas is the first location where Patriot Gold Supply opened its doors and as a result is a state that is near and dear to our hearts. We began helping patriots looking for gold for sale in Prosper for quite a while now. Whether you are a beginner investing in gold and silver or you are an expert, we look forward to speaking with you! Due to the high demand of gold and silver, we have been able to meet many great patriots in the state of Texas. With hyperinflation soaring and government overreach around the corner, there has never been a greater time to purchase precious metals!

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Pilot Point

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I’ll process might seem different and unique compared to other experiences that you have had purchasing precious metals. We have set out to create an innovative and convenient process to purchase precious metals from the comfort of your own home.


The First Step: Deciding What To Purchase

The first step when purchasing gold for sale in Prosper is to decide exactly what you were looking for. This all depends on what your goals are and what you plan on doing with the investment. The majority of our clients do in fact prefer to purchase non-reportable gold and silver due to the fact that it is much harder to trace in the event of a 1933 gold confiscation. We also provide our clients with other types of gold and silver as well.

If you were looking to hedge your wealth against inflation and you do not plan on using your funds anytime soon, gold might be the best fit for you. When local patriots search for gold for sale in Prosper, they typically are looking for pre-1933 gold coins or other coins. At any rate, gold is a great option for most because it holds its value over time. It has proven to hold its purchasing power throughout time and will do so for centuries to come.

On the other hand, if you were looking to hedge your wealth against inflation and also you were searching for a way to increase your wealth, silver might be the best option for you. analogous to gold, silver also Hedges your wealth against inflation. 

What’s that silver apart from gold is the fact that it is more volatile and its price. This means that there could be some drastic lows but the cause for most patriots to purchase silver is the possibility for massive increases in price.


The Second Step: Purchasing The Precious Metals

Simultaneously, Patriot Gold Supply aims to provide the great patriots of Texas and the United States with an Unapologetically Patriotic experience but also an easy and convenient one. We are noticing that there are many precious metals companies that make purchasing gold and silver very difficult. 

Our goal is to set that old standard aside. For instance, we have multiple different convenient and secure payment options for your convenience.


The Third Step: Shipping The Gold And Silver

Frequently, we get questions about the shipping process. It is actually quite simple. Once you pay for the gold, we utilize FedEx and UPS insured shipping. That means that you can have peace of mind when your precious metals are being shipped to your home. If you’ve never purchased precious metals and had them shipped to your home, this might seem a little strange. 

Insurance, this is how most precious metal transactions are occurring in today’s age. The insured packages can provide you with peace of mind all the way up until the package reaches your hands and you sign for it.


The Fourth Step: Storing The Gold

Another frequently asked question that we get from patriots who are purchasing gold for sale in Prosper is “what do I do with the gold once I get it?” The most common storage location of precious metals is inside of the clients gun safe in their home. This is a great place to store precious metals as the safes are secure and the majority of the time are fire proof in case of a house fire. There are in fact other options in case you do not feel comfortable storing the gold in your own home. 

A few of our clients will take their precious metals to their office and keep it in a secure location there. If this still does not make you feel secure about where you were keeping your gold, there is a location in Delaware that stores precious metals. This company can hold your precious metals for a small percentage that is very menial.


What Makes Patriot Gold Supply different?

Patriot Gold Supply is truly set apart from other gold and silver companies out there. For example, one of our main objectives is to follow the golden rule. Thus, we aim to treat all of our clients as we wish to be treated. Showing respect, providing useful information, and clear communication or all requirements of our staff.

We would love to connect with you if you were looking for gold for sale in Prosper. You can reach your staff by dialing 469-325-3535 and one of our God-fearing staff members will be in touch with you very shortly.

Whether you are a first time gold buyer or you are an experienced investor, we look forward to hearing from you. We love connecting with a meeting with the great people of Texas and hope to aid anybody looking for gold for sale in Prosper. If you have any other questions please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call!



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