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About Our Location:

For over 30 years, our team of Patriots has been able to provide gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX to our clients. In addition to being a Patriotic state, Texas was the first location for Patriot Gold Supply to open its doors. Consequently, we have been able to serve thousands of first time and experienced investors. Above all, our core focus is to provide the great Patriots of America with a simple, honest, and quick service. We truly do live by the GOLDEN rule and treat all of our clients as we wish to be treated!

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Simple And Secure

Rather than creating a complex and confusing process, we have set out to simplify the process for those looking for gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX. Throughout 30 years, we have worked with all types of investors. From first time gold investors all the way to experienced gold investors. 

In particular, we have built a system that allows you to purchase gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX in 3 easy steps. In this article, we will break down the steps and much more. If you are looking to purchase gold to hedge your wealth against inflation, or on the other hand, looking to use your retirement account to purchase gold, we are here to help you!


First Step – Consult With An Account Executive

The most important step in the process is making sure that you are purchasing the right asset for your goal. Therefore, when you reach out to Patriot Gold Supply to purchase gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX, you will be put in contact with an Account Executive. Our Account Executives are gold professionals with over 30 years of experience and are not Financial Advisors. We are here to help you understand precious metals and guide you towards the right metal for you. 

Analogous to our goal of keeping the process simple, you can simply set up a time to speak with our team by filling out the form at the top of this page. As a result of the current political state and the fear of inflation, our team has been absolutely slammed. All across the nation Patriots have been reaching out to our team to protect their wealth before it is too late. 


Second Step – Determine What Precious Metals Are Right For You

Similarly to purchasing other assets, there are different options for different goals. Certainly if your goal was to store wealth for a long period of time, you would not store your wealth in a high risk high reward asset. The majority of our clients are great Patriots of the United States of America and they are searching for a way to diversify their portfolio. In addition, they are aiming to protect themselves from the looming inflation and collapse of the dollar. Truly, something big is coming in regards to commercial banks and the value of the dollar. “When?” is the question.


Is Gold The Right Option For You?

Gold has been trusted for thousands of years. Moreover, it has a practical use. In contrast to the United States Dollar, there is an intrinsic value to gold. In short, it will always be worth something. As a result of gold having such a long and trustworthy track record, many people purchase gold who plan on holding onto it for a longer period of time. This does not mean that gold is difficult to liquidate. Rather the majority of our clients who buy gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX choose to hold for longer periods of time over silver. 


Is Silver The Right Option For You?

Silver is also a great option for someone looking to store wealth. In contrast to gold, silver is more on the volatile side of investments. This does not necessarily make silver a bad investment. The majority of the population believes that silver is FAR undervalued. In other words, there are large groups of people who invest large sums of money into silver as a hedge against inflation but also as a prediction that the price of silver will soon correct. Those who purchase silver are looking for a useful metal with intrinsic value. Many purchase silver to use as bartering material incase of an economic collapse. 


Third Step – Order Your Precious Metals

As we stated above, we aim to make this process as simple as possible for our experienced investors as well as our first time gold buyers. For this reason, we provide you with multiple convenient and secure payment methods. 

Shipping goods directly to your home has become commonplace for many households. Although this may be true, some are still not used to the idea of shipping massive sums of precious metals to their home. For this reason we insure each and every package. From the time that it leaves our hands to the time that you sign for the package, your metals are insured. 


What Is Patriot Gold Supply?

Patriot Gold Supply was created as a result of a need for a trustworthy gold dealer. The GOLDEN rule is one that we live by every day. We treat our clients exactly how we wish to be treated. Honesty and Clarity are incredibly important to our team.

In addition, we also believe that it is incredibly important to support our veterans. That is why we donate to The Wounded Warrior Project. You can invest while also helping those in need who risked it all. We are Unapologetically Patriotic and we stand with our vets. 

If you have questions or would like to purchase gold for sale in Terrell Hills, TX, you can dial (469) 480-9818 or fill out the form on this page. Our team of God-Fearing Patriots will be in contact with you very shortly!



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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