As a result of current events Silver has been an extremely hot investment by many great Americans. Above all, Patriots are looking for a safe place to store their wealth from hyperinflation that is looming above us all. Searching for silver for sale near me is one of the most common searches today.

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What Type of Silver Are You In Search of?


What Are Your Goals For The Investment?

USA Dollar Silver Coins Isolated On White BackgroundFirstly, you must determine your exact goals for your investment before you make it. That is to say, it is difficult to make a decision on an investment if you do not have a clear plan. For example, if your goal is to make copious amounts of cash flow from your investment into silver, you may want to re-think your decision. On the other hand, if you are looking to store the wealth that you have already created, silver may be the best option for you. Whether you are looking to transfer funds from your retirement account to diversify or you have cash sitting in the bank that you don’t want devalued by inflation, silver can prove to be an intelligent investment. 

Moreover, it would be a good option for you to speak with a senior broker to determine if you are on the right path with investing. As a result of our clients meeting with a senior broker on our team, they have found a more efficient path to reach their financial goals. The majority of our clients are searching for the best way to hedge their wealth against inflation.


What Is Your Budget?

Secondly, it is important to choose what budget is best going to fit your needs. For example if you are looking to get started you can make smaller orders to understand the process and build a relationship with our team. We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own precious metals and our goal is to make them readily available for everyone. Occasionally, there will be minimum order sizes that we have to abide by. This allows us to keep prices as low as possible. 

At the end of the day, our goal at Patriot Gold Supply is to keep the price of gold and silver as low as possible for those searching for silver for sale near me. There are some companies that will attempt to charge far over the spot price of silver for one reason or another but we firmly believe in finding every way possible to reduce prices.

For this reason, we don’t have a storefront at any of our locations. In short, this allows us to keep costs as low as possible for our clients.


When Are You Looking To Purchase The Silver?

In addition to having great prices, we believe that speed is quality. With some of the fastest shipping times in the nation, Patriot Gold Supply offers all of our clients with Free shipping. Although you may be able to walk into a local gold and silver store while searching for silver for sale near me, you may not be paying the best prices.

Brick and mortar stores have high overhead expenses that are passed along to the consumer. From utility bills, rent, and staffing a front counter every single day, there are many expenses that get passed along to you as a consumer. 

In search of a way to save our clients as much money as possible, we began a relationship with Schiff Gold. You can find the best prices and service at Schiff Gold. Patriot Gold Supply has developed a relationship with Schiff Gold and as a result have negotiated lower prices with the Schiff team. 

On top of receiving bulk order rates with every purchase, we also pass along to our clients Free shipping, Free tracking number, Free order insurance, and White Glove service.

Why Silver May Be The Best Option For You

Silver Bullion Bars And Price ChartAs a result of the coming hyperinflation, devaluation of the dollar, and general uncertainty, precious metals have skyrocketed in value. The reason behind this increase is due to the fact that precious metals are real assets. Contrary to real assets, cash and other investments depend on outside sources and not the intrinsic value of the object.

The reason why many search for silver over other real assets is a result of the benefits of silver. These benefits include:


  • Lower Barrier of Entry
  • Easy to Liquidate
  • Higher Possibility of Increasing in Value
  • True Intrinsic Value
  • Practical Use
  • Smaller Portions That Can Be Used For Trading and Bartering

How Can You Order Silver?

If you would like to get a quote on the silver that you are looking for, you can reach one of our senior brokers by dialing (888) 959-1776

You can also get into contact with our team of Patriots by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 


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