What Are Non-Reportable Precious Metals?

What Are Non-Reportable Precious Metals? Why Do You Need Them? How Do You Get Them?


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What Is Non-Reportable Gold?

US Gold CoinsPre-1933 Gold

Pre-1933 gold is extremely popular due to a few reasons. Firstly, it is Non-Reportable. As a result, it is much safer to own and easier to protect incase of a government confiscation. Secondly, there is a rarity to it because of its age. Lastly, you can still acquire this gold for a price based on its intrinsic value and not pay a crazy mark-up. 

To enumerate, Pre-1933 Gold is most commonly referred to as currency that used to be in circulation. Formerly, our United States Currencies used to be made with precious metals. You can purchase a $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin that has a current value of $1,125 as a result of its gold contents.


Gold Confiscation

1933 is such an important and specific year as a result of the Gold Confiscation. 

President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted executive order 6102 which forced the American people to give up their gold. Thus, making gold illegal.

All it could take is one new executive order and your gold could be confiscated. Unless you have Non-Reportable Precious Metals.



What is Non-Reportable Silver?

Pre-1965 SilverWhere To Buy Gold Locally Patriot Gold Supply 7

Pre-1965 Silver is the most popular asset purchased from Patriot Gold Supply due to its ease of use, bartering ability, and potential increase in value.

Specifically, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars are what our clients prefer to purchase. 



Before 1965, our United States coins used to contain silver. They would have a true and intrinsic value. In detail, most of the coins would contain 90% silver and 10% of another metal to provide durability. After 1965, the United States decided to devalue our currency. They removed the 90% silver and replaced it with other metals such as zinc. In other words, the government stole wealth from its own people. Granted, this is nothing new. Governments have stolen from their people via devaluation for centuries. Furthermore, these governments turn to a fiat currency system resulting in emanate collapse. If you cannot see, whether it be from history or from current events, that the dollar is doomed, you may need a check up. It is coming whether you see it or not. 



What Are Non-Reportable Precious Metals And Why Should You Buy Them?


Gold And Silver Are Physical

  • Rolling blackouts are not a new thing. Across the United States, we have been experiencing random power outages. Consequently, some have not been able to access their cash in the bank, their crypto currency, or even pay merchants.
  • Non-Reportable Precious Metals are beneficial because they do not require any kind of power to be effective.



  • In truth, this may be the biggest reason for purchasing precious metals at the current moment. In particular, the current 7% inflation rate has many scared out of their minds. For example, with this inflation rate, it would be as if you woke up one day and the dollar in your wallet was now worth $0.97. Depending on who you ask, that is theft.
  • Questions such as “what am I going to do about my retirement savings?!” and “How am I supposed to afford basic needs?!” are being asked every day. Because of the current inflation, our clients are also asking “What are Non-Reportable Precious Metals and how do I get some?!”



  • Time and time again we have seen good people be canceled by culture. Rather than disagreeing and going on their way, the left has decided to crush anybody they disagree with. Namely with the use of technology and silencing those they oppose. 
  • PayPal has canceled many Patriots because of what they stand for.
  • Chase Bank canceled General Michael Flynn for his political stance.

  • Other Corporate Banks
  • As a result of their beliefs, the centralized banks have attacked numerous Patriots.


It Is Private

  • Like the Obama administration, the Biden administration is pushing for the tracking of ANY AND ALL bank accounts with over $600 in them. Firstly, this is a huge violation of our rights. Secondly, the government and the IRS would constantly know what you’re doing.
  • In parallel to the gold confiscation of 1933, if the government doesn’t like you or agree with your beliefs, they will know exactly how to attack your wealth.


It Is Portfolio Insurance

  • As you have been taught for many years, it is always good to diversify. If you have all of your eggs in one basket, it will take one quick action and your wealth can be gone in an instant.
  • It has become overwhelmingly popular to use Your IRA, 401k, and 403b to purchase Non-Reportable Precious Metals. Although you may not still work at a company, you can still use that retirement account to purchase precious metals. 


It Can Be Used To Barter

  • In the same way that Americans did prior to a fiat currency, you can use Non Reportable Precious Metals to barter. Although some may say that our economy is nowhere near collapse, history and current events suggest differently. When the dollar collapses, what will you use to pay for food and other goods? It is best to prepare now.

Who Is Patriot Gold Supply?

In conclusion, “What are Non-Reportable Precious Metals?” is a question that we get often because of the state of the nation. We recognize that and we have set out to help other Patriots protect their wealth. While protecting your wealth, you can also help others too. Patriot Gold Supply gives back to veterans in need and their families through Folds of Honor. God has taught us to help those in need and our Unapologetically Patriotic values teach us to help our fellow Patriots. 

If you have any questions such as “What are Non-Reportable Precious Metals?” “How do I order Non-Reportable Precious Metals?” or any other questions, you can contact our team at (888) 959-1776. The current administration and the uncertainty of the United States Dollar has resulted in a flood of phone calls to our team. If you are not able to reach one of our God-Fearing staff members at first, please call again or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

We look forward to speaking with you soon!



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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