What Is Money?

What is Money?


A Standard of Value

What is money? Money is a standard of value that has been agreed upon by a group of people. This agreed upon value is used to determine the price of goods and services. This ensures that anywhere you go inside this group of people, usually a country, you can be confident in the amount of goods and services you can buy with your money. 


A Store of Value

What is money? Money is used to store value. This means that you should be able to save money and use it in the future to purchase goods and services in the future. Money must be able to hold its purchasing power throughout time.

A Medium of Exchange

What is money? Money is the way a group of people transfers value and wealth to each other for goods and services. Money should be easily transferable between two people and the value of the said money should be very clear.



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Money is a form of communication

If you are selling something, you place a price on the item that you are selling. You are saying “I believe this item is valued at this price.” Someone else may come along and say to you “I value your item at this price.” You are having a conversation with another person about the Value of a specific item or service. 

What is money? Money is a language. Just like words in a language hold their meaning over years and years, money should hold its value over years and years. This is what would be called “Sound” money. Money that is tied to a physical substance such as gold. From 1900 to 1933 the United States Dollar was sound because it was tied to exactly 23.22 grams of gold. At this point, the currency is just another name given by a group of people to define a measurement of gold.

Is Today’s Dollar Sound?

You may have seen the value of “money” drop over your lifetime. That brings up the question… Is the United States Dollar really what we call “money”? No. Money would be something of value and the dollar is simply an “I Owe You” It is not “Sound Money”. The dollar is what you may call a “Money Substitute”. It is worth absolutely nothing if the promise between the people and the government is broken. 

Over the span of 60 years, you have been able to buy a barrel of crude oil for the same amount of gold as you can now. Gold has truly held its value, has been used as a medium of exchange, and a standard of value. When you look at the dollar, in 1945, you were able to buy a barrel of crude oil for just over $1.45. In 2012, oil hit $112 per barrel. 

Inflation and Money

Since we are no longer on the gold standard, we no longer have sound money. The purchasing power of unsound money is only able to go down. If you simply look at the barrel of oil example, you can clearly see the value of the United States Dollar collapse. Most of that collapse occurred from 2000 to today. Inflation is coming very quickly. Quicker than most people realize. If you don’t take action to protect yourself against it by investing into Sound Money, your wealth will quickly dwindle. There has never been as much printing of money as there is today. Every dollar printed decreases the value of the dollars in your bank account. It truly is theft performed by the government who is stealing from the governed.

The dollar is a promise between the government and the people. It is the tightrope that we are all balancing on and the United States Government controls the whole rope. Since they determine how many dollars are in existence and since the dollar itself has no intrinsic value, the United States Dollar is fiat currency. The fiat currency is completely controlled by the government and the government, as we all know, has shown that they are not able to handle their own monetary dealings.

If Dollars Are Not Money, How Do You Get Money?

Again, dollars are a “money substitute”. They are an “I Owe You” from the government. I’m not sure about you but after seeing how the government handles their monetary affairs over a number of years, the idea of them controlling all of the money does not sit well with me. Taking your financial situation in your own hands is incredibly important. The government overspend and the hyper inflation that is looming right above us is one of the most dangerous threats to your wealth and your retirement. 

It is important to not wait until it is too late. Do not wait until the government has robbed you from your future by means of inflation. Again, What is money? Gold is money.  Whether you are a first time investor or whether you have invested in gold for years, Patriot Gold Supply can help you reach your goals. We have a team of account executives who can help you to develop a plan to help hedge your wealth against inflation. It takes less than 15 minutes to find out how to best protect your wealth. Call 888-959-1776 to speak with one of our account executives or you can fill out the form on our website and we will be in touch with you shortly.


You Can Feel Good While Investing

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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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