What Is Pre-1933 Gold?

If you are new to investing into precious metals or have, for the most part, stuck with modern bullying, you may have heard of pre-1933 gold. Throughout the past few decades, gold that was formed into coins before 1933 has been quite popular with many gold enthusiasts. Contrary to owning standard bullion, pre-1933 gold has many additional benefits. Before we get into the benefits, we must explain the importance of the year 1933


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1933 Gold Confiscation

Firstly, what is free 1933 gold and why is 1933 such an important year? In this very year, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt enacted an executive order. Although he wasn’t even a few months into his presidency, he took action to make changes to the country very quickly.

At the time, the country was in a deep dark financial situation. There seems to be endless debts owed by the US government to other governments and peoples. As a result, The president of the United States of America decided to effectively outlaw gold. Consequently, all United States citizens had to turn in their gold and exchange for a set price. If you decided to not relinquish your gold, you would be liable to pay a hefty fine and spend 10 years in jail.

This put many citizens in fear of purchasing and owning gold after it became legal again to own. For that reason, when our clients ask “what is pre-1933 gold and why should I own it?” We explain the 1933 gold confiscation. Pre-1933 gold is extremely unlikely to be confiscated in the case of a new executive order confiscating gold. The reason being, is that this gold is simply old currency that has gold contents. In contrast to modern bullion, it does not have a stated gold content and you simply must know the gold contents. This is why so many are asking “what is Pre-1933 gold and how do I get it?” In this article, we will also talk about how pre-1933 gold is non-reportable.


Pre-1933 Gold Is Non-Reportable

In other words, since this gold is simply currency that happens to contain gold, you are simply purchasing currency. In the same way that if you get a 1947 quarter at the gas station as change, the government has no intentions of tracking that transaction. This is simply money that was in circulation in 1933 and before.

When you purchase gold bullion, the government does not track it. Yet. During the Obama era, the “Consumer Protection Act” was put into place to “Keep the consumers safe”. This was all in the name of protection but in reality, this is another way for the government to enter into our personal business and monitor our finances. This is analogous to how the government is attempting to monitor all bank accounts with more than $600 in them.

So what is Pre-1933 gold and how is it not tracked? Like we mentioned above, the gold bullion that you buy is not tracked when you buy it but rather when you sell. Once you sell your gold, a 1099 will be produced as a result. As opposed to performing transactions in this manner, you can simply purchase Pre-1933 Non-Reportable gold. 

Gold that is no longer made will increase in value over time

Furthermore, Pre-1933 is incredibly popular since it can no longer be produced. There is a set amount of this gold because of the timeline limitations. Due to this fact, Pre-1933 gold will continue to rise in value as the desire to own it increases. It is the ultimate form of protection from inflation and confiscation and there is a limited amount of it. It is important to find a good dealer such as Patriot Gold Supply to source these coins for you. 


How Do You Buy Pre-1933 Gold?

Purchasing Pre-1933 gold can be quite simple if you have the right resources. Namely, having a gold dealer who can source the gold for you will absolutely quicken the process. Keeping someone in your corner who you can trust is invaluable. Above all, honesty is the most important trait in a gold dealer. Someone you can make a quick call to and get you exactly what you need at the right price.


Get Pre-1933 Gold

Who Is Patriot Gold Supply?

In short, Patriot Gold Supply is a group of Patriots who believe in the GOLDEN rule. We realized the lack of honest gold dealers in the United States of America who were trustworthy and who were in support of our country. We boldly support our country, freedoms, veterans, and Christian values. We are Unapologetically Patriotic and we are not shy about it. Our goal is to help other Patriots get the gold they are looking for at the right price and as convenient as possible. We saw many people asking “What is Pre-1933 Gold?” and therefore we set out to solve this need. 

Throughout this process, our clients can feel good about investing because a portion of every purchase goes to supporting veterans. To see more information, you can view our Giveback page on our website. 


How Do I Contact Patriot Gold Supply?

Currently, due to the current inflation and state of the nation, our God-Fearing staff is slammed with phone calls and emails. You can dial (888) 959-1776 to reach one of our Account Executives. If you do not get through on the first call, please bear with us as we are serving many Patriots across every state in the United States of America. You can also fill out the form on the bottom of this page and one of our 2nd Amendment Supporting Staff Members will be contacting you shortly. 

We hope we answered your question “What is Pre-1933 Gold?” and we look forward to helping you meet your precious metals needs!


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