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Patriot Gold Supply is where to buy American eagle gold bullion coins because you are helping Veterans with every purchase while saving money.

We proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project.

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This article will break down the 5 main things you should consider when looking for where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins.



Where To Buy American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins 9Although some may say that finding the best price is most important, a relationship with your gold broker is far more critical. For example, if you don’t have a trust built up with your precious metals provider, it is far more likely that you will find yourself getting screwed. 

In short, countless websites and storefronts want to sell you on fear. Don’t fall for this!

You may hear from them that you need a “specific type of gold” because “the government may come out and snatch it if you don’t buy this specific type of gold.” However, this point of view is genuinely not backed by logic. If the government did confiscate gold again, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from also snatching the “Non-Reportable” gold. 

Therefore, stick with the basics. Unless you are a professional coin collector who knows everything about the specific coin you’re buying, don’t make the purchase. Gold is here to hedge your wealth against inflation based on the value of the gold, not a coin’s rarity. 

The majority of people are surprised to find out that “Fake Gold” is not as common as “Over Priced” gold. You are better off sticking with pure and standard gold with no additional fees. Based on its intrinsic value, buying gold is the safest way to stack your gold. 

Above all, your gold broker should want to help you achieve your goals. If you plan to save your wealth from inflation, your broker should be helping you find the absolute cheapest gold possible. You should not be purchasing rare and difficult-to-sell gold. This gold and silver should be easy to buy, and it should be desirable to everyone. 




Collection Of One Ounce Gold CoinsNow that we have covered how to find a trustworthy gold and silver broker, how do you determine if you are getting a great price?

Firstly, you must understand how the price of gold works. There is a “base” price of gold called the “Spot Price.” The spot price will be most of the cost you pay when you buy gold. 

In addition to the spot price of gold, you will also be paying for a “Premium.” This premium is what goes to the broker and pays for their overhead, labor, and profit for providing you a service. 

To clarify, paying a premium is not a bad thing. You have to pay a premium when purchasing gold from a trustworthy broker. What you must be on the lookout for are low premiums. Unfortunately, where people get taken advantage of is high premiums. As we mentioned above, websites and storefronts will charge obscene premiums on gold and silver. 

Finding where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins at a reasonable price is not difficult.

To determine who is offering the best prices, you can first look to see the spot price of gold. Secondly, you can subtract the spot price of gold from the price the company is selling it. This number will provide you with the premium they are charging above the spot price. Next, you can compare the premiums of one company to another and determine who has the best pricing.


Patriot Gold Supply has two missions:

  1. Give everyone looking for where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins the best prices.
  2. Support Veterans by giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project.





Above all, you must ensure that you are achieving your goal for the investment. Like many of our clients, you may be searching for a safe place to keep your hard-earned wealth.

Most importantly, it is best to stick to your goals. Don’t let anybody sway you one way or another to purchase specific items that they want you to buy if it is counterproductive to your goals.

Stick to your guns! Sticking with your goals brings us back to doing business with a trustworthy gold and silver broker. A reliable broker will only help you achieve YOUR goals, not THEIR goals.



When you purchase gold or silver, the last thing you want is to have multiple questions with no way of getting answers.

Great brokers will have open communication with their customers. For this reason, Patriot Gold Supply performs courtesy calls to our clients to keep them up to date. Our goal is to answer every question you have so that you can make your purchase with confidence.


Now that you have found where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins, you must determine the best place to store them. In the beginning, most of our clients believed that keeping ALL of their precious metals in a gun safe was the wisest option, but that is not always the case. 

There are many different options for storing your precious metals, and here are 3 of them:

At Home:

Storing your gold and silver at home is one of the most common ways of holding precious metals. One of the main benefits of this method is that gold is easily accessible. 

On the other hand, this method poses a higher risk to your investment. If a burglar breaks into your home or a disaster occurs, you may be out of luck. 


At a Vault:

Keeping your gold and silver with a vault company is one of the safest options for storing your precious metals. 

You benefit from the peace of mind when you store your assets in a vault. High security, endless safety measures, and disaster protection make this option viable for many investors. 

A few cons of keeping metals in a vault include a 24-hour heads up to access your metals and that you do not earn interest on your precious metals. 

Want to keep your precious metals in a vault? Contact one of our specialists to learn how you can safely store your precious investments.



At a “Gold Bank” 

How does a bank work? In short, they store your fiat currency, lend it out to others in need of money, and make a cut on being a middle man. In the end, everyone benefits. You earn interest on your money, the bank earns interest, and someone on the other end was able to rent fiat currency. 

Before 1933, this is precisely how to banks worked, but instead of lending fiat currency, they would lend out gold and silver. You could give the bank your gold coins, and they would lend them out under their watch. In the end, you would earn interest on this transaction. 

For decades, you have not been able to store your precious metals in the bank and earn interest until now. This not-so-new concept has taken off in the past few years. You get all of the safety benefits of the vault AND earn interest on your investments!

In all honesty, why shouldn’t your gold earn you interest? It is the only TRUE money!

If you want to learn more about how you can earn interest on your gold and silver, contact one of our specialists. 




Patriot Gold Supply is Unapologetically Patriotic. We have set out on a mission to educate as many as we can on the importance of owning tangible assets. As inflation and hyperinflation take off, there has never been a more critical time to learn about precious metals.

You can give back while investing and get great prices, free shipping, free order tracking, and free order insurance with Patriot Gold Supply!



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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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