Where To Buy Gold Coins Online USA

This article will break down the best way to find where to buy gold coins online USA.

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Firstly, before we determine where to buy gold coins online USA, we must determine what coins are best for you.



Which Gold Coins Are Best For You


How Much Gold Is Enough Gold Patriot Gold Supply 8Choosing the right coins before you buy them is incredibly important. Different gold coins work best for other investors based on their goals. For instance, if your goal is to hedge your wealth against inflation, American Gold Eagle coins will most likely be your best option. If you plan to collect rare coins that one day may be worth more than they are today, you may be interested in pre-1933 coins. However, if you buy pre-1933 gold coins intending to guard against inflation, you will be paying a high premium for no reason. 

Stick WIth The Most Popular Coins

In short, the best place for most investors to start is with the American Gold Eagle coin. The reason being is that these coins are so common that they are easy to buy and easy to liquidate. If you ever need to sell your coins, you can walk into any gold and silver store, and they will be able to give you an offer in seconds. On the other hand, if you purchase rare coins, you need unique expertise, and the number of buyers is minuscule. 

Consequently, if you are not sure what gold coins to purchase, you can speak with one of the Patriot Gold Supply experts for more information. Our goal is to help as many people hedge their wealth against inflation. The looming hyperinflation is near and more people need to ensure that they have prepared against inflation. If you have any questions, call (888) 959-1776, or you can fill out the form on this page to connect with a gold and silver expert. 

Find A Trustworthy Website


Finding a trustworthy website may seem like an obvious point, but most first-time investors do not know what to be on the lookout for specifically. Where To Buy American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins 7

When you think about where to buy gold coins online USA and the website’s trustworthiness, you may be thinking about buying fake gold. However, this is not the most common concern with purchasing gold online. Commonly, websites and storefronts will sell uninformed investors products that pose a false value, and they will attempt to sell you a product at an elevated price due to some additional value-added. Unfortunately, this extra premium that many novice investors pay is for no added value.

For Example…

Companies will try to tell you that it will be safe from theft and taxation if you buy their specific gold, but this is not the case. This tactic is a common one used in the gold and silver world. Meanwhile, the gold and silver companies helping beginner buyers find where to buy gold coins online USA, with honesty, have a long track record of happy clients.

When speaking with a precious metals company, ask them for a list of references or social proof. They should be able to provide you with a wide array of evidence that their services are commonly used and enjoyed.  

If you experience any uncertainty, it is best to give the company a phone call. Ask them for their prices and see what they have in stock. Again, it is essential not to be convinced to overpay for coins you do not need. If your goal is to protect your wealth, as is the goal of the majority of our clients, you should be purchasing the most common and affordable gold on the market. Some people have bassed their whole careers off of selling the unsuspecting buyer overpriced gold. This means you must be extraordinarily vigilant.


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Find the Best Prices


Similar to determining which coins are the right coins for you and finding a trustworthy broker, you must also find the best prices. The “Spot Price” and the “Premium” determine gold prices, and all companies start with the spot price. Different companies have different premiums based on their expenses and advertising costs. Furthermore, greed also has an impact on premiums. 

It is not unlikely to see a precious metals company charging a premium of 5% – 10%. These companies will direct you to different reasoning depending on what they sell. It is best to steer clear of these companies and focus on purchasing from low premium companies for your benefit.  

It is best to work with a company willing to share its gold and silver prices online. Adding their price onto their website adds a layer of transparency to their service. 




Prices will vary by the minute, and the price fluctuation results from the spot price of gold constantly changing. Although you may be able to see the price of a company’s gold and silver online, it is always best to call and verify the prices. It is imperative to verify prices when the market for precious metals is volatile. 

If you have any questions about what coins are best for you, how our company operates, or our prices, you can contact our experts at (888) 959-1776. We look forward to helping you achieve your investing goals! Learn where to buy gold coins online USA at PartriotGoldSupply.com.

Our Giveback


At Patriot Gold Supply, we proudly support our Veterans. We firmly believe that giving a portion of our proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Project is the least we can do for those who risked everything. 

The Wounded Warrior Project helps those injured physically and mentally overseas. Our company is Unapologetically Patriotic, and we proudly support our country.




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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


Gold For Sale Near Me Patriot Gold Supply Wounded Warrior Logo

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