Why Are 1 Ounce Gold Coins So Popular?

Have you ever looked for gold for sale and wondered “Why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular?”


Really… Why are they so popular?! 


There are many reasons why these small and sometimes fragile coins are so very popular.



1 Ounce Gold Coins are Extremely Common


The popularity of these 1 Ounce Gold Coins are so very popular… Because they are popular!


US Gold Eagles On Silver BarsThese coins are floating around every single city and every single state in the United States of America. They are the most common form of gold in existence. It is simply the perfect amount of gold to be able to easily buy and sell. Unlike silver, you can store quite a bit of wealth inside of one of these very small gold coins. Since so many people wonder “Why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular?” there are many people buying and selling them. If you walk into any gold and silver dealer and offer to sell them a real 1 Ounce Gold Coin, they won’t ask you “Why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular?” because they know why. They will also know exactly how much money to offer you in exchange for your gold coins. These coins are so very popular that you will be able to get an offer and a price in seconds of walking into a gold store. You will also be able to walk into any gold store in the United States and be able to find the 1 Ounce Gold Coin.

They Make Wealth Storage Easy


So many people use 1 ounce gold coins to store their wealth and protect themselves from inflation.


Macro Image Of Gold Eagle Coin On StackProtecting your hard earned wealth from inflation is something many people are trying to do with all of the inflation and devaluation of the U.S. currency going on right now. People are looking for places to keep their money and are trying to find out why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular. You can look at the history of gold and the value of it through time. You can see that gold has been an incredible way to store wealth. It has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and people are not going to stop using it any time soon. The beautiful thing about these gold coins are that there will always be someone looking to buy and sell them. You don’t have to worry about them being difficult to liquidate. These are so popular because they are one of the easiest pieces of gold to liquidate. 

What is the Best 1 Ounce Gold Coin to Buy?


Contrary to what you may think… All 1 ounce gold coins are not made alike.


Silver Eagle And Golden American Eagle One Ounce CoinsThere are people in every country trying to find out why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular and who have also ended up creating their own gold coins. These coins are very different though. Countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Rome, and Africa have all created their own 1 ounce gold coins. Obscure places such as Ukraine have also made their very own beautiful version of the 1 ounce gold coin.The United States of America’s Gold Eagle coin is the most popular 1 ounce gold coin by far for many reasons. Mainly because the coin is very durable due to its combination of other more sturdy metals which have been used to create the coin. This does not mean the coin has been devalued and has less gold content. It just means that the coin may be bigger than something like the Canadian Gold Leaf. The Canadian Gold Leaf proudly boasts 0.9999% pure gold. Although this gives the coin a special brilliance and clout, the coin is very susceptible to scratches and dings. You must store this coin very carefully. 

What do all of these coins have in common? 
  • They are all made from gold.
  • They are all 1 ounce.
  • They are all country specific.
  • They are all easy to store.


Now what is so different about these coins?
  • Their gold content.
  • Their shapes.
  • Their sizes.
  • Their popularity.



Be Very Cautious When Buying 1 Ounce Gold Coins


Not all gold coins are easy to sell once you buy them.


Uncirculated 2011 American Gold Eagle CoinIf you find an incredible and beautiful gold coin that contains 1 ounce of gold, it may not be as easy to sell as something such as your standard American Gold Eagle. American Gold Eagles are very easy to sell because of their popularity and durability. If you begin fiddling with the gold coin of Ukraine and other more obscure countries, you are now at risk of not being able to sell your coin easily. You might wonder why are 1 ounce gold coins so popular and why are some harder to sell than others. The coins can be very popular in their respective countries. So if you are in America and try to sell a gold coin of another country, you will have more difficulties. Sticking with the basics of the American Gold Eagle in America and the Golden Maple Leaf in Canada is a very smart decision. 

Where do You Buy Gold Coins?


The process to purchase 1 ounce gold coins has evolved over the years.


Fluttering Silk Flag Of United States Of America. Old Glory In The Wind, Colorful BackgroundIn today’s age you can be able to purchase gold from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to make long trips out of your way on the weekends or on your way home form work tho those brick and mortar gold stores. You can simply make a quick phone call to 888-959-1776 and one of the Account Executives from Patriot Gold Supply will be able to help you. We are not Wealth Advisors but if you communicate your investing goals to us, we can help guide you in the right direction in regards to gold, silver, and other precious metals. We also are Unapologetically Patriotic and give back to those who risked it all for our freedoms. When you work with Patriot Gold Supply, you are helping United States Veterans in need.

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