How to suffer less when the collapse of the dollar occurs by buying gold for sale in San Antonio.

What are real assets?

Do you understand real assets, we have to first understand what are not real assets. Eventually at some point in every society in every civilization, There is a currency that is developed. All of the successful societies are run by a currency that is backed by a specific thing such as gold or silver. These currencies do extremely well because there’s something that literally backs them up and gives them their value. In some cases the currency itself can be physically gold or silver. Countries like Rome, France, and the United States of America have used physical gold and silver currencies. These currencies work extremely well as money because they have an actual worth or value. People who are looking for gold for sale in San Antonio are constantly looking for this money in this value because they understand what it truly means.

Overtime, it occurs in every society, one of two things will happen. Devaluation or inflation.

What is devaluation?

Devaluation is when a government or a civilization will take their gold and silver coins and reduce the amount of physical precious metals that are inside of the coins. This can be done by shaving the edges of the clients, inserting holes into their coins, and replacing the precious metal concept with less expensive and easier to find metals. This might sound like shady practice and also might seem unfair. It feels this way because it truly is unfair and it truly is theft from citizens by their government. You will hear the devaluation does not occur in our current society but if you look at the quarter in your pocket, you will find that it no longer has silver inside of it. Back in the day, there used to be silver inside of quarters but now that precious metal has been replaced with other cheaper metals that have far less value.

What is inflation?

patriot-gold-supply-inflationInflation is impossible when your money is backed by some sort of physical assets such as gold or silver. The reason why is because you cannot print more money if you have no gold or silver to back it up with. This is why, when the government of the United States of America took us off of the gold standard, we were able to begin printing money as though it was absolutely free. Because it was and it’s still today. Once the government is off of their standard such as a gold standard, there’s absolutely no limit to inflation. Greed begins to set into the government officials and printing money is like their favorite drug. Once you get your first taste of having the ability to press the button and money appears out of nowhere, there’s not really any way you can go back. Unfortunately, this is what has happened with the great United States of America.

The two above examples are ways that our dollar bills have converted into non-real assets. Our United States dollar has been turned into a promise given to us by an organization called the federal reserve. We work tirelessly week after week to earn notes from this organization. They promised to us that it is worth a certain amount and we accept it. The problem is they can print any of these notes as often as they want which creates inflation and makes our hard earned dollars worth less. Soon they will be worthless.

What is a real asset?

A real asset is what the truly rich own. These are things such as gold and silver. Precious metals and gold for sale in San Antonio it’s something that the truly wealthy search for. The reason why is because there is an infinite amount of these assets and there is no automatic print button for them. there can not be inflation ofWhere Is The Best Place To Buy Gold In San Antonio The Best Place To Order Gold 2 gold and there can not be inflation of silver. There is a specific amount of gold and silver that is in the world and it is a finite resource. It is backed by its physical existence and cannot be legally devalued.

When hard times come and when fiat currency is crash, the ones who are the real assets and who have purchased gold for sale in San Antonio are the ones that make it out on top. Because they bought it gold for sale in San Antonio, They will be able to make it through the rough patches of the collapse of the dollar. is very passionate about our customers but we are also passionate about those who risk it all for our freedoms. We are probably the most patriotic Gold Supplier in the United States of America and we are unapologetically patriotic. Every single time that you do any sort of business with Patriot Gold Supply, we get back a portion of our proceeds to those in need of shelter, food, and clothing. The veterans that gave us our freedom deserve to be clothed and fed throughout every season and that is one of our many goals. You can feel good while investing into real assets when you work with Patriot Gold Supply.

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