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About Our Location:

All across Texas and the great United States of America, you can find Patriot Gold Supply. There was a huge need for an honest gold supplier and as a result, Patriot Gold Supply was born. Currently, there are hundreds of great Patriots searching for gold for sale in Highland Park, TX. We set out to solve that need. Furthermore, every time you work with us, you are helping a veteran in need. We give back to those who risked it all for us to have freedom.

Cities We Serve:

Highland Park

Greenway Parks

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Lower Gereenville

University Park

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Lakewood Heights

Park Cities

Junius Heights

Stonewall Terrace

Lakewood Hills

Greenland Hills


There are 5 easy steps when you are looking to purchase gold for sale in Highland Park, TX.  We will break them down below.


First Step – Fill Out The Form At The Top Of This Page

When you fill out the form at the top of this page, you are telling our team that you are looking for gold for sale in Highland Park, TX. We service every city in the United states and the form on this page is specific to Highland Park so it aids us in knowing how to serve you best. Furthermore, if you add any additional notes for our Account Executives in the message box, that will help us to serve you even better. 


Second Step – Speak With An Account Executive

While it may be true that we service every city in the United States, our Account Executives are stationed at our HeadQuarters. Our HQ is located in Beverly Hills, California. For this reason, we ask all of our customers to be on alert for a call from this region. 

For many years, our Account Executives have had the opportunity to service hundreds of thousands of great Patriots. In particular, our team of Executives have been in the gold and silver industry for over 30 years. Although they are not financial advisors, they can guide you to the proper investment you are looking for. 

Above all, our goal on the first call we have with all of our clients is to determine your goals. Some have goals to purchase gold as a hedge against inflation. On the other hand, some of our clients aim to find gold for sale in Highland Park, TX to use incase of the collapse of the dollar. At the same time, some are investing simply as a hobby. Whatever your reasoning be, we are here to help you find what you need. 

Therefore, our team of Executives are here to help anyone from the first time gold buyer all the way to the experienced investor. In short, we believe that everyone should have access to and have the proper knowledge required to purchase precious metals. It shouldn’t be difficult. 


Third Step – Complete The Transaction

While it may be commonly believed that purchasing gold is difficult, it does not have to be. On the contrary, we set out to form the simplest process for our clients. We stand firm in our belief of the GOLDEN rule. We want our clients to be treated as we wish to be treated if we were purchasing goods from them. Thus, we make many convenient payment methods available for our clients. 


Immediately after the funds have been transferred, you will receive tracking information. Although you may have never shipped large sums of assets to your doorstep, this is commonplace for many Americans in today’s age. It may still be stressful to think about the amount of precious metals being shipped and for that reason, we insure every package. From the moment that the precious metals leave our hands up until you sign for the package, it is completely insured. 


Fourth Step – Storing The Metals

Contrary to many movies, midnight gardening (burying your gold in the backyard), is generally not the best way to store your gold. After you have purchased gold for sale in Highland Park, TX you should find a safe place inside of your home. Specifically, you should keep your precious metals inside of a safe of sorts. Many of our clients are Patriots and are Pro-Second Amendment so there is no shortage of Gun Safes in their homes. Due to the safety and fire rating of gun safes, this can prove to be a great storage location. 

Subsequently, you can also utilize a safety deposit box at your local bank. While this may be true, many of our clients prefer not to keep their metals in the hands of others. This is the main reason that many purchase precious metals so that their wealth isn’t in the hands of commercial banks. 

Gold and Silver are ways to store your wealth. Many of our clients utilize this storage for years and oftentimes do not liquidate for many years. 


Fifth Step – Selling Your Gold And Silver

In summary, if you have reached a spot where you need to liquidate your precious metals, Patriot Gold Supply will be more than happy to purchase it back from you at the current price. Again, our goal is to provide you with the simplest, smoothest, and most honest experience. We often guide people towards gold if you are searching for a long term storage of wealth. Gold has consistently risen in value over the decades.

 On the other hand, silver is still a great investment for storing wealth. Although, it is more volatile and is sought after by those who are more open to greater risks and rewards. At the end of the day, both have proven to be great investments since the beginning of time. 


Patriot Gold Supply

You can contact us by dialing (469) 480-9818 and one of our God-Fearing Account Executives will be in contact with you shortly. We look forward to meeting and building a relationship with you! 



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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