The Financial Reset

The Fiat Currency System That We Have In Place Is Broken

The financial reset that is coming is due to a broken system. We have a system of fiat currency that shows weakness more and more every day. Historically, this system has never worked and we are all gambling each and every day we hold this currency.

When you look at large changes in monetary systems across history, they will always show warning signs before occurring. Today, warning signs are everywhere. Hyperinflation, devaluation of the dollar, out of control debt to other nations, and many other flashing signs. It is inevitable that the system we have will not last. You don’t wanna find yourself on the wrong side of things when the financial reset happens.





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Gold Is Real Sound Money

United States dollars are not real money. They are a promise note that guarantees value. The only thing back in this value is a promise made to us by the federal reserve. There is no physical thing or things that back these dollars. In fact, this promise is being broken every single day as the federal reserve prints more money. They are quite literally stealing right out of our bank accounts as the value of our dollars are reduced daily.

Gold is true sound money. There is an actual value connected with gold. There is a physical used for gold. Gold has a price that is accepted across all parties. Gold has a rarity that is natural. Gold has been used over centuries as a reliable currency. Over the years, countries default back to a gold standard. Fiat currencies have proven to fail each and every time that they are implementing

Large Financial Shifts Will Have A Forewarning But Too Many People Will Ignore It

Large financial shifts always have warning signs. Too many people put on their blinders and ignore the signs. It is too convenient and easy to just hold your dollar bills and not worry about changes in the world. It takes time to learn about real currency and real money. it is simply easier to not make any adjustments to your lifestyle.

Those who are lackadaisical about their financial future Will be the ones that are caught off guard when this financial shift occurs. They will be the unfortunate ones that are left behind. The ones that see the warning signs and act accordingly will not only be safe through this shift but will come out profitable.

News And Media Will Call Early Adopters Conspiracy Theorists

If you decide to listen to the news while the financial reset is occurring, you will not find yourself in a good place. They will make it seem as though anybody who fights the current system is crazy or dangerous. In all reality, it is crazy and dangerous to listen to the news and media. The most important thing that you can do right now is to think on your own.

Looking at history and looking at the facts are going to be the only way to protect your wealth. Hyperinflation is coming for all of us at such a pace that, when it is here, we will not know what hit us. If we let somebody else do the thinking for us, we are only going to be caught up unprepared for what is to come.


The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union had a financial reset that was so great that it affected every single one of their citizens. The news outlets told everyone to stay calm and hold on to your money. Only those that thought for themselves and saw the financial reset on the horizon took a quick action and protected their wealth.

It is not uncommon for a country or a civilization to have a large change in their currency or in their finances. This happens in many countries. Today, the US dollar is flashing warning signs. This Fiat currency is inflating at such a rate that will soon be unmanageable. Those that think for themselves will see the warning signs and accumulate real assets. The financially educated will acquire gold, silver, and real estate to hedge their wealth against inflation.


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How To Be On The Right Side Of The Financial Reset

The financial reset is not some far left scheme to convert the world to socialism or communism. This reset is what is destined to happen because of our broken system. We have a system of fiat currency that, when you look at history, is doomed to fail. Our government has an uncontrollable addiction to spending money that we do not have. At this point, the money that we borrow is only enough to cover the interest On the money we have already borrowed.

These are the warning signs of a massive financial flip in the United States. That is why Patriot Gold Supply was created. We saw these warning signs and we knew that there was a need for an unapologetically patriotic supplier of real money. You can call 888-959-1776 and an account executive will be more than happy to discuss the best options for you. 

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Patriot Gold Supply helps those that risk it all by serving our great nation. We help those veterans in need of clothes, food, and shelter. Every time that you work with Patriot Gold Supply, you are helping veterans in need!

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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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