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Throughout the state of Texas, Patriot Gold Supply proudly provides precious metals for beginner investors and experienced investors alike. Above all, we are dedicated to assisting those who are looking for gold for sale in Southlake, Texas. And as you may be able to tell from our name, we are unapologetically patriotic and proudly support our country. Most of all, we support the veterans who risk their lives to provide us with the freedom to buy and sell precious metals. Currently, inflation is growing faster than ever. There is truly no better time than now to purchase gold and silver in order to hedge your wealth against inflation.

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Unlike other precious metal companies in Southlake, Texas, we aim to create the simplest, most honest, and fulfilling way to invest. In this article, we will break down the 3 simple steps to purchase gold for sale in Southlake,TX.


Firstly – Schedule A Free Consultation With An Account Executive

Above all else, it is incredibly important that you understand what precious metals will get you closer to your goals. Our team of Account Executives aim to discover what your goals are with the investment and find the proper products that will suit you. Although they are not Financial Advisors, they do have over 30 years of experience with precious metals. 

More often than not, we have great Patriots that reach out to us looking for where to start. They know for a fact that they need gold and silver to hedge against inflation. They set out searching for gold for sale in Southlake, TX but don’t know where to start. That’s why we’re here. Contrary to times in the past, it has become exceedingly popular for our clients to purchase Pre-1933 gold and Pre-1966 silver. The reason being that they are both non-traceable. 

There has been a growing fear in our nation around the collapse of the dollar. It may be true that many new currencies and new types of  crypto currency have been created but gold has truly withstood the test of time. Consequently, we have many Patriots reaching out to us searching for these Non-Reportable precious metals. Gold and silver that one day may be used as true currency and bartering. 

Additionally, our God-Fearing staff members have also seen a massive spike in the number of Patriots turning their IRA and 401k accounts into gold. Moreover, it is not uncommon for our team to assist a few dozen of our clients in converting their retirement accounts into precious metals. This is a process that can be done with very minimal fees. This may not be a good option for everyone which is why we encourage everyone to speak with an Account Executive.


Secondly – Place Your Order

For the purpose of convenience, we have set up many Secure payment options. Not a day goes by where we don’t hear from one of our clients’ houses but the processes. At the end of the day, that is our goal. We want to provide the easiest and most secure process to purchase gold for sale in Southlake, TX.

Once you have come to an agreement on the type of a precious metal and the amount, you can place an order with your Account Executive. While it may be true that you may have never shipped precious metals to your house, this is commonplace all throughout America. To ensure the safety of your package and your peace of mind, we insure each and every package. From the time it leaves our headquarters until you sign for the package, it is insured.


Thirdly – Taking Delivery And Storing Your Precious Metals

Let’s talk about storing your investment. After all, it is one of the most common questions we receive. Contrary to popular belief, burying gold in your backyard is not recommended. The best place to keep your gold is under lock and key. 

It has been noted that many of our clients are true Patriots and support the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, it is extremely common that they also own a fireproof gun safe. This may be the best solution for some who purchase precious metals.


Who Is Patriot Gold Supply?

Patriot Gold Supply was created by a group of Patriots who saw a need for an honest gold company. We perform business in a way that supports the Constitution and our Biblical values. It is important to our directors and to each and every employee at Patriot Gold Supply that we uphold the GOLDEN Rule. We are committed to treating each and every one of our clients just as we wish to be treated. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can hedge your wealth against inflation or how you can purchase precious metals with your retirement fund, do not hesitate to reach out. Although our team is absolutely slammed with inquiries, we will get to your inquiry as fast as humanly possible. For your confidence, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You may also dial (469) 480-9818 to reach one of our staff members.

We look forward to speaking with you! 



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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