Does Government Spending Impact You?

It’s inevitable that you have heard of the out-of-control government spending. Everywhere you look, there is talk of inflation and the Fed printing money as though there are no side effects. What effect does that have on you? Does government spending impact you?



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Increased Taxes

Where does the money come from? Well, if the government is spending massive amounts of money, they have to get funds from somewhere. Increasing taxes is the fastest and easiest way for the government to obtain cash that is already in existence. So, does government spending impact you? Yes! Since they have to pay for it somewhere, they will make you pay for it in increased sales tax, income tax, and property taxes.

Think about it, back in the early 1900s There was no such thing as income tax. After much resistance, the United States passed the ability to charge Americans an income tax. It started with just one percent and now, it seems that there is absolutely no limit to what you can be taxed.

Money Devaluation

Governments tend to spend more money than they have. They raise taxes in order to compensate for their overspending but the majority of the time, that doesn’t cut it. America had to remove itself off of the gold standard and by doing so obtain the ability to print an infinite amount of fiat currency. This has devalued the dollar immensely.

The United States of America now has the ability to print as many dollars as they wish. This allows the government to pay off any debts it may have. This also means that every new dollar printed devalues the dollars that you and I have in our bank accounts. There’s absolutely no standard that the United States dollar is connected to and at the same time government spending is out of control.


Take 15 Minutes To Protect Your Wealth

Borrowing Money 

The most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, is indebted to many different entities and countries. If you look up the United States debt clock, you may be overwhelmed. The amount of debt that this country has accumulated is worrisome at the least.

Our government believes the solution to this problem is to print more money out of thin air. Every time that the Fed does so, it reduces the value of our wealth. This is why it is so important to have your money and more than just United States dollars. Real assets such as gold and real estate are so important to own in your portfolio as hyperinflation takes off.



Does government spending impact you? Yes. Looking at history, you can see that the buying power of 1 dollar in 1900 has the same buying power as 30 dollars today. $1,000 back then was a very good down payment on a home. Now, that $1,000 is the same value as $30,000 today. Consider that If you were to have saved that $1,000 until today, you would barely be able to pay one months rent on a small apartment. If you would’ve invested that $1,000 into gold, It would be valued at $87,748.91. This means that gold has outperformed inflation by nearly 3 times over the last 120 years. Not only has gold hedged wealth against inflation but it is a wonderful way to grow your wealth.

How Gold Can Protect You From Government Overspend

Gold has always been thought to be “Boring” but with the hyperinflation that is doomed to overtake our currency, it may be the only way for you to preserve your wealth. We get asked “Does government spending impact you and me?” and we frequently get asked “How do I protect retirement and wealth against inflation?” It is not through bitcoin or some new cryptocurrency. It is not some new get rich quick scheme that is going to make you millions. It is the Sound Money that governments and countries have used for centuries. It is real and physical gold. 


Today’s Government Spending Is Different

When you look at government spending today, you can see that it is very different. There has been more spending in the past few years than in any year in history. With that spending, we have to take on more debt than ever to keep everything afloat. It is like a junkie that has to keep finding more drugs. The government is addicted and will literally beg to print more money to get their fix or “Everything will collapse”. 

Since we have been removed from the gold standard, there will always be a need for more debt to cover the spending of money that we don’t have. The United States has become indebted to numerous countries because we are paying off debt with new debt and it is a treacherous circle. This is not good for your wealth if you are saving dollars. This is fiat currency that is devalued every single day. You must invest into real money (gold) if you want to keep your wealth safe.


Learn How To Hedge Your Wealth Against Inflation

How To Hedge Your Wealth of Inflation

The wealthy have always ended up on the better side of things when hard financial times hit because they invest into real assets:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Real Estate
  • Physical Assets


History has proven that fiat currencies always fail and will eventually rob you from your hard earned wealth. Don’t be one of the ones caught off guard with all of your money stuffed into a bank account as cash. Every day that you wake up, that cash can buy you less and less. That cash will buy you less retirement every single day that it sits there. The government is literary stealing your future time with your loved ones away from you and they’re doing it right under your nose. 

Don’t be a victim of inflation. Does government spending impact you? Yes. Don’t wait for it to be too late. Once the rush to gold happens, you will have wished you would have acted as the rich act and invest into REAL ASSETS. 

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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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