How Do You Protect Your Retirement With Gold and Silver?

Above all, most of our clients ask us about the looming cloud of inflation hovering over their wealth. They want to know how do you protect your retirement with gold and silver. As a result, our team of Patriots have been overwhelmed with inquires for purchasing gold and silver with retirement accounts.


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How Does Inflation Impact My Retirement?

Definition Of InflationTo put inflation into perspective, if you were to buy dinner for $5 in 1970, you would have to pay $36 in today’s money for the same meal. Therefore, if you are simply storing your money in the bank or in a low producing fund, your retirement is being stolen from you. To clarify, inflation is at a higher rate now than it has been in over 40 years. Certainly it is not going to stop. Inflation will continue to increase throughout your retirement. 

That is to say, if you retire with a set amount of cash in the bank and no gold, items will become continuously more expensive. Your money will increasingly buy you less and less. Further, each year into your retirement, the looming cloud of inflation will appear darker and darker. Many Americans will find themselves in their late 60’s and early 70’s with little to no buying power. 

The last thing you want is to find yourself at retirement age, unable to work, and with no funds left to support yourself. Unfortunately, this may be a bitter reality for those who are not setting themselves up to hedge against inflation. For this very reason, we have been flooded with great Patriots reaching out and asking “How do you protect your retirement with gold and silver?”


What Is Devaluation And How Does It impact My Retirement?

As a result of a government replacing the precious metals that are inside of currency and replacing them with cheap metals, devaluation takes place. It is one of the slyest forms of theft from the citizens of any government. Firstly, look at history. You can see that it has occurred in almost every single civilization. As a form of devaluation, Rome began to punch holes in their coins. They claimed they were worth the same amount. 

Simply put, this is theft and government overreach. Similarly to how the Deep State is trying to change the meaning of words and vocabulary, the government believes they can change the value of currency in order to benefit themselves. 

The quarters, nickels, and dimes in your pocket are now worth no more than a promise given by the government. This is the same government that does not believe that you can make your own financial decisions. Subsequently, they enact laws and rules that claim to “Protect” the citizens. In all reality, our rights are slowly being stripped away from us under the disguise of the phrase “For Your Safety”. 




Can My Gold Be Confiscated?

For those who know history, you will remember Franklin D. Roosevelt confiscated gold from every American. He enacted an executive order that made it illegal to own gold. In the same vein, the Deep State, The Left, and the Democratic Administration is making a speedy attempt to take your wealth. Executive Orders are being enacted left and right. The government is likened to a junkie who needs a fix of more money everyday. We are at a point in our country that we are printing new money just to pay the interest of our debt.

In short, who is to say that a new executive order to confiscate all gold owned by the American people is not to happen? As you know, it will be enacted “For Your Safety”. Democrats beg and beg to print more money “Or else America as we know it will be OVER…” In all reality, they have been given the power to create trillions of dollars out of thin air. And they are addicted…

How Do You Protect Your Retirement With Gold And Silver?

In the past few minutes, we have covered Inflation, Devaluation, and Confiscation. But, how do you protect your retirement with gold and silver? Firstly, there is a specific kind of gold and a specific kind of silver that you can use to protect yourself. In addition to being the best way to protect your retirement, Non-Reportable Gold and Non-Reportable Silver are also the most popular precious metals purchased from Patriot Gold Supply. 

As a result, if you have a retirement account such as a 401k, 403b, or an IRA, you can quickly and easily use them to purchase gold and silver. This is to say, even if you have an account that was created with a previous employer, you can still utilize the account to purchase gold and silver. As a result of this being one of the easiest ways to purchase precious metals, Patriot Gold Supply has had a flood of Patriots reach out asking “how do you protect your retirement with gold and silver against the collapse of the dollar?” 




Make A Positive Impact On Veterans And Their Families When You Protect Your Retirement

Now is the time to Defund and Drain The Swamp. In other words, the gold that you have bought in the past may have funded a Deep State organization whose goal is simply to make a quick buck off of you. Many gold dealers support progressive and far-left organizations but you may not know that if you have not deep dived into their history.


What Are The Values Of Patriot Gold Supply?



  • Firstly, we are a company with Christian Values. God set us out to be good stewards of what He has blessed us with. Consequently, we are wise with our resources and help others to protect their blessings as well. 


The GOLDEN Rule:

  •  Secondly, we treat others as we wish to be treated. We treat each and every one of our clients with honesty and transparency. For example, we do not charge exorbitantly high fees, over charge for shipping, and complicate the process. Purchasing Non-Reportable Gold and Silver with your retirement account should be fast and easy. In addition, there should not be high and unnecessary fees attached.


Unapologetically Patriotic:

  • Lastly, we support our country, our troops, and our freedoms. Most importantly, we will stand in the way of anyone who aims to attack any of these three. 


We hope to be able to speak with each and every Patriot that reaches out to our team of Account Executives. As a result of the current administration threatening our wealth and retirement, we have been absolutely slammed with inquiries. You can dial (888) 959-1776 to reach our Freedom-Loving team. Another option to reach us is by means of the form at the bottom of this page and the form on



Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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