Where To Buy American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins | Online V.S. At A Store

Buying Gold Online V.S. At A Store

This article will break down where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins and whether you should buy them online or at a storefront.


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First, if you have never purchased gold online, this entire concept may be new to you. Due to the massive cost savings that occur when you buy gold and silver online, investors save significant sums by purchasing from companies without a storefront. Although it may be new to some, finding where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins online is the easiest way to purchase gold. 



Pros Of Buying Online


  • Purchase gold from the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to make an extra stop on the way home from the office, and you can even set up recutting orders! You can dollar-cost-average your way to a well-established insurance policy on your wealth utilizing precious metals


  • Order gold online with confidence. When looking at where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins online, there are many companies you can trust. These businesses are more concerned about upholding a positive public image that they will not be scamming their customers. They have too much to lose. In addition, when you buy gold online, you can have confidence that your price is locked in and that you know what you’re paying.


  • Free Shipping! Free shipping may not always be provided 100% of the time by all gold and silver dealers. Companies such as Patriot Gold Supply provide free shipping. We also offer free insurance and Free order tracking. As a result, you save money on not having to pay high premiums and you also get it shipped directly to your door at no cost!


Cons Of Buying Online


  • You don’t get to see the gold before you purchase it. This may be a negative to some if you are buying rare coins and you must verify their quality. When you are buying standard American Eagle coins for their actual value, you can have confidence that they are authentic, of good quality, and what you’re looking for.


  • Keeping the experience of walking into a store and choosing the exact product you want will not be present. We love to walk into a coin store and pick out the actual coin we are looking for. But, how much are we genuinely paying for that experience?


  • The possibility of getting scammed. When you are looking for where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins online, you probably will not get scammed if you go with one of the more well-known companies. People get scammed when the dealer persuades them to purchase a more expensive coin that does not contain additional gold but rather some “Additional value.” You must watch out for common scams. In some cases, these scams include “Non-Reportable” or “Non-Confiscatable” gold. Rarely will a dealer sell you fake gold but instead overcharge you for a “Rare” coin.


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At A Store

Purchasing gold and silver at a store was the original way to buy precious metals. You develop a relationship with the store owner or the representative at the front desk, and you can make a quick phone call to see if they have specific items in stock. Although these benefits are great and make us feel more comfortable when buying, they come at a cost, which gets passed down to the buyer.


Pros Of Buying At A Store


  • You get the gold TODAY! If you are looking for where to buy American Eagle gold bullion coins or any other gold and want it today, purchasing at a store will be your best option. Especially if you are searching for common coins, you can have confidence that they are in stock during a standard market.


  • You can have confidence that what you are purchasing is authentic. As we mentioned above, this isn’t as large of a concern in today’s world, but some buyers still have this in the back of their heads. Although both methods almost always guarantee you will get real gold, at a storefront, you will see the gold before you purchase.


  • You develop a relationship with your dealer. When prices are about to rocket up or plummet to the ground, your dealer may be able to keep you in mind and give you a personal phone call.


Cons Of Buying At A Store


  • When you buy from a store, you will spend more money. Instead of buying directly from a dealer online who has direct access to the vault, you are purchasing from a middle man. This middle man gets paid a premium (commission), but you also have to pay their employee’s salary, product shipping, product insurance, building rent, utilities, inventory, and many other expenses. These are passed down directly to you, the buyer.


  • You have to make a trip to the store. These trips will become an issue for some of the most intense stackers. If you are purchasing gold and silver regularly, you will make many unnecessary trips to the store every month. Consider the time it takes you and the additional cost of gas. When you consider this, you can see that you are eating into the margin of your investment.


  • The products you want may not always be in stock. Whereas buying gold online, you can have confidence that you can purchase the product you want. When you are buying gold at a store, you are at the mercy of their inventory.



In short, if you are an intentional and savvy investor in gold and silver, purchasing online will be the wisest decision. If you are a hobby buyer and do not consistently purchase gold and silver, the joy of going into a store and making a purchase may be the best decision for you. 

In summary, the goal is to purchase tangible assets to hedge your wealth against inflation. When you buy specialty coins, pay additional costs due to purchasing from a store. In addition, you spend your time driving around trying to find products in stock and you lose margin on your investment.




Our Giveback


Patriot Gold Supply has consistently provided the most affordable method to purchase gold and silver. With free shipping, free order insurance, and extremely low premiums, you can buy confidently, knowing that you got the best deal. 

Hyperinflation is coming. Our goal is to help as many people as possible understand the importance of owning physical gold and silver. Instead of charging crazy high premiums so that we can make a quick buck, we have set out to help as many people as possible while charging extremely low premiums. You can contact our lead broker by dialing (888) 959-1776.

In addition to helping our clients achieve their financial goals, we have set out to support our Veterans. When you work with Patriot Gold Supply, you are helping Veterans in need. A portion of our proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. We firmly believe and agree with this quote from Napoleon Hill,

“It Is Literally True That You Can Succeed Best and Quickest By Helping Others Succeed.”


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Patriot Gold Supply Proudly Supports The Wounded Warrior Project


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